Diablo 4 players outraged with “predatory” Season 1 Battle Pass

Andrew Highton
cosmetics in diablo 4 season 2 battle pass

After already coming under fire, the Diablo 4 Season 1 Battle Pass is in hot water with the community once more after a shocking revelation was discovered about the seasonal system.

It was a long time coming, but Season 1 of Diablo 4 is well and truly in motion. It arrives with a ginormous patch that Blizzard themselves have said will “never again” happen due to the public outcry to the nerfs it introduced.

Another heated topic has been the nature of the Season 1 Battle Pass. Adhering to the typical, standard live service structure, the feature allows D4 users to pay real money to acquire a season-long pass filled with cosmetics and rewards to earn. However, it’s not only been described as having a “malicious design” due to its nature, but it’s now being labeled as “predatory” too.

Diablo 4 Season 1 Battle Pass coins are “scummy”

In the words of Diablo 4 Reddit user jessewperez1: “Why 666 coins in the Battle Pass was mathematically the scummiest amount Blizzard could have given.”

Their statement was backed up by a detailed explanation and breakdown of why Blizzard’s decision-making process behind this extends far beyond the novelty of the pass offering 666 coins.

“So we already know that no item in the shop costs 666 coins so you can’t even buy anything with the coins from the pass. But did you know this gets even worse? With a price of 1000 coins per Battle Pass, getting 666 coins means that on your second pass, you’ll have 1332 coins. Great you can get a pass and have 332 coins left over. However, on the Season 3 pass, getting 666 coins means you will have 998 coins. That’s exactly 2 short of getting another Battle Pass and no doubt this is intentional.”

The OP explained that they would really “love [it] if someone from Blizzard actually discussed the Battle Pass and their predatory mechanics at any of these fireside chats.”

One of the top comments offered a simple solution that was roundly upvoted by other D4 users: “Easy fix: Don’t buy any Battle Passes?! You’re welcome.”

Whether the community opts to forego Battle Passes following this realization is up to each user. But changes are being made, highlighted by the controversial “Nightmare Dungeon difficulty spike” being swiftly resolved.

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