Diablo 4 players want major UI change to stop unfair advantage for others

Andrew Highton
diablo 4 user facing enemies

Avid Diablo 4 PC users have targeted a key complaint regarding the game’s UI. It’s one that they believe could easily be fixed and would improve the overall balance of the interface across the board.

In just over a month since its release, Diablo 4 players have had to bear witness to a cornucopia of buffs, nerfs, and various other gameplay tweaks. None more so than the giant Season 1 update – which even the devs thought have admitted was too much.

Even though many players actually feel Diablo 4 Season 1 is “dead” already, plenty are still playing and enjoying it. Though, there does seem to be a recurring gripe that users are desperate to see addressed ASAP. The game’s limited visual settings have left the player base wanting more.

More FOV settings would do wonders for Diablo 4 PC players

“Please, in the name of the high Heavens, let me ZOOM OUT,” begged Diablo 4 Reddit user Fictionarious. The player is evidently frustrated that D4 only provides players with two different settings when it comes to the field of view.

“One more FOV option on the old scroll wheel that gives more vision than either of the two currently available. Specifically, so that when I’m moving north, I can see more than nine feet in front of me, so that when I’m moving south, I can see more than seven or so. On a very much related note, if I am facing south,” they said.

Another Reddit user jumped in and said that users with ultrawide monitors unintentionally get specialist treatment over those with normal screens.

“On a side note, ultrawide screen players (21:9) get a noticeable advantage over regular players (16:9). I am not saying it’s unfair, because it’s a cool thing. But the game already lets you see “more” if you’ve got a wider screen. I can’t see any reason why we are locked into the current zoom. The game zooms out on a regular basis. When you’re on a mount, for example, it’s a completely different thing. Let us play with a far-away camera, please.”

One player explained how limiting the camera choices actually are: “Literally impossible to play a ranged character long range. I wonder if it’s because of some bizarre technical limitation like loading everyone’s stashes on screen into the memory.”

The most recent patch actually tweaked several gameplay features such as Malignant Powers and the Battle Pass. So we’ll have to see if Blizzard decides that the UI is also in need of some TLC.