World’s First Race in Destiny 2 Beyond Light: Start time, rewards, details

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Beyond Light’s Deep Stone Crypt raid promises to be an intense affair. The race to be the first team to overcome this struggle will be as fierce as ever. Here’s a quick rundown about the World’s First race in Beyond Light and information on its start time and details.

There’s a certain prestige that comes with a brand new Destiny raid. These multiple hour slogs are pure tests of endurance, skill, and determination. Granted, they don’t have to be done in one sitting, but they do if you want to be the first team to successfully complete it.

As with Garden of Salvation, Crown of Sorrow, Scourge of the Past, and many more, Deep Stone Crypt promises to be just as satisfying. In order to prepare yourselves for the raid and all the delights that come with it, we’ll try and inform you as best as we can.

Here is everything to know about the World’s First race in Beyond Light, including start time and other information.

Deep Stone Crypt Raid

3 players in destiny 2 beyond light
It’s going to be a heated few hours.

As we previously discussed with our article on the Deep Stone Crypt raid, we expect this raid to take 4-6 hours to complete. Teams of 6 will enter the fray with a maxed-out power level in the hope of etching their names into the history books.

But we already know that even if you’ve achieved the max power level of 1250, Bungie will cap it at 1230. It will remain like this for the first 24hrs of the raid’s debut. This is an added challenge for the teams that want to be first. The consensus is that 24hrs is all that will be needed as a team will achieve this.

Also, Artifact power will be DISABLED during the first 24hrs too, so bear that in mind.

When does it start?

Deep Stone Crypt will officially go live on November 21. These are the different times it will go live:

  • 10 AM PT
  • 12 PM CT
  • 1 PM ET
  • 6 PM GMT

With that, it’s worth remembering that you need to be at Power Level 1230, so if you’re planning on taking part in the race, be sure to have hit that by the allotted time.

What will you face?

eramis in destiny 2 beyond light
Will the boss be Eramis?

Bungie is being very steadfast in their approach to the raid and isn’t revealing any proper information about what players will be facing. The main rumors circulating are that it will either be a reincarnation of Eramis or one of Ermais’ lieutenants — possibly Aatrax — that Eramis sent to Deep Stone during Beyond Light.

Whomever it is, they’ll surely tie into the Beyond Light story to maintain continuity.


destiny 2 raid title belt
The fireteam will win personalized championship belts amongst other things.

But what incredible goodies will you win if you beat the raid first? Only a Destiny title belt! Seriously. In addition to the belt, the box it comes with also contains some freebies including an official signed congratulation card from Bungie themselves.

In order to be recognized as the first team, Bungie’s website says the following: “The Fireteam must loot the final chest before returning to orbit or their finish may not be recorded. A team’s official finish will be recorded when they return to Orbit.”

On the other hand, if the World’s First race is something you’re not too keen on, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can still get access to goodies too. Everyone that finishes the raid at any point during the first 24 hours will get an exclusive emblem. For everyone that manages to complete the raid before 9am PT on December 1, you’ll be able to purchase a Europa-ready raid jacket.

Result delayed?

It doesn’t appear that the event will be getting postponed despite things like the Destiny 2: Beyond Light exploit that kills bosses in one hit.

However, Bungie has warned players that the results will be delayed as they have to sift through all of them and ensure there’s been no foul-play. As mentioned previously, the prestige and honor that goes into these historic occasions mean that standards have to be met.

There have previously been allegations of cheating to win the contest, especially with the Leviathan raid.

Hopefully the content runs smoothly and it will be interesting to see which Fireteam comes out as the victor.

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