How to defeat Eramis, Kell of Darkness: Destiny 2 Beyond Light boss guide

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You’ve settled into the ‘new era’ of Destiny 2, battled through most of the Beyond Light campaign, and now there’s only one thing to do ⁠— defeat Eramis, the Kell of Darkness. Here’s how to beat her in the final boss battle.

Beyond Light’s main villain is Eramis, the former Shipstealer who has harnessed the power of the Darkness to “destroy the Light.” First she sends her lieutenants to stop you but eventually you have to face the Kell of Darkness, face to face.

Eramis appears in the final campaign mission of Beyond Light, reasonably titled “The Kell of Darkness.” Up until this point, Guardians have only seen her in Destiny 2 cutscenes, or talking through the commlinks. Now it’s time to face her head-on.

If you want to activate the final mission, you’ll have to have 1150 Power. If you haven’t hit that mark just yet, make sure you grind out a few more rewards before jumping in.

You’re handed a mission when you spawn in: “Hunt down Eramis.”

Eventually, you’ll fight your way through to Gale’s Watch, where Eramis ⁠— armed to the teeth with Stasis and Fallen weapons ⁠— is waiting in the throne room.

Eramis is the main antagonist of the Destiny 2 Beyond Light campaign.
Eramis is the main antagonist of the Destiny 2 Beyond Light campaign.

How to defeat Eramis in Beyond Light

The Eramis boss battle begins immediately, with Shanks and Fallen Vandals springing out to swarm you as the Kell of Darkness shoots at you. The only thing to watch out for here is her Stasis attacks ⁠— if you’re frozen, you’ll be swarmed.

Damage her with anything you have in your arsenal at this point, and bring her health down to around three-quarters full. This will trigger the fight’s first cinematic cutscene.

Eramis then captures you in a Stasis freeze, disabling your Ghost and taking your shard of Darkness. “No more Light, no more Dark,” she declares before destroying the shard to stop you using Stasis. You break free, and the fight resumes.

Eramis mainly uses Stasis attacks to slow you down or freeze you.
Eramis mainly uses Stasis attacks to slow you down or freeze you.

Stage 2

The throne room’s wall descends after this, and Eramis flees out onto a number of platforms overlooking Europa. You’ll have your Super fully charged.

Eramis shoots multiple rockets in this fight, and if you are hit by one you will be frozen. Break free with the action button ⁠— “B” on controller, “Mouse Button 3” on keyboard ⁠— and use your Stasis super to clear the Fallen enemies around the platforms.

The Kell of Darkness is still vulnerable to any Stasis attacks; make sure you keep using your abilities on her where possible. As she gets weaker she’ll throw out more Stasis. It will be quite easy to dodge, however, if you are running around.

Once you get her down to just under a quarter health, she will fall to the ground; all you have to do is deliver the final shots, and it will trigger another cinematic.

After defeating Eramis, she will (spoilers!) freeze in place, captured by Stasis. She’ll likely break free and appear in the Beyond Light raid, Deep Stone Crypt, or be a recurring villain in Season of the Hunt, but for now she’s been stopped.

From here, Beyond Light is your oyster. Explore the vast wasteland of Europa, unlock No Time to Explain, or even visit the Loot Cave ⁠— there’s plenty to do!

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