How to solve Ascendant Mysteries in Destiny 2’s Ruins of Wrath

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The Portals to the Shattered Realm in Destiny 2

There is another Shattered Realm location to explore in Destiny 2 that is chock full of secret stuff, bringing an intense boss-fight with Scoroboth to the table. This is everything you need to know to solve the Ruins of Wrath Ascendant Mysteries. 

We’re headed back to Destiny 2’s Shattered Realm in Destiny 2 and into the Ruins of Wrath for two sets of Ascendant Mysteries. This time we’ll be facing off with the son of the fearsome Xivu Arath before using soulfire to light the way further into this strange place.

While our other trips in-game have brought us up to the Warbringer’s Tower area, so far we haven’t been able to make it inside. That changes this week as we move further than we’ve ever been before and properly begin the hunt.

If you’re geared up and ready to fight, head to the Shattered Realm and make for the tower.


Destiny 2 Season of the Lost Shattered Realm Becaons
You will need to locate and align several beacons within the Shattered Realm.

Start the Warbringer’s Tower Ascendant Mysteries quest in Destiny 2

The first step is to do the beacon alignment outside of Warbringer’s Tower. This will activate the event and put you on the right path.

  • After that, head towards the glowing plate and stand on it until it opens the door that leads into the tower.
  • Dispose of the enemies that try to stop you from entering and make your way forward.
  • Once you’re inside, you only need to drop all the way to the lowest level of the tower where you’ll face off with Scoroboth, the progeny of Xivu Arath.

How to Defeat Scoroboth, Lord of the Undercroft, in Ruins of Wrath

In order to bring Scoroboth low, you’ll need to find three relics that are placed around the area. Once you’ve used one of the relics to drop his shield, Scoroboth will attempt to run away from you.

You’ll need to follow him to each level that he goes to. Here, you’ll find another relic to collect and throw at him. If you get lost, try looking for Toland’s signature white wisp to usher you towards the right path.

This fight isn’t too difficult, but make sure to watch out for the exploding traps set around the halls of the Undercroft. Just keep following Scoroboth as he runs away and fight him for the third and final time before collecting the Ascendant Mystery chest that spawns next to the throne.

Start the Light The Way Ascendant Mysteries quest in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost Shattered Realm Taken Techeun With Logo
There are lots of different enemies lurking in the Shattered Realm and like the Taken Techeun, the Soulfire Exarch is just another to add to the list

That’s not the only one you can do while you’re here though, so head through the new portal in the room – this will take you back to the beacons so you can move on to the next step. Just like the first quest, you’ll need to align a beacon to start making progress.

  • After that is done, look around for the glowing orange beam that indicates an active ritual. Once you’ve found it, you’ll have to take down a powerful caster known as a Soulfire Exarch.
  • Pick up the orb that The Exarch drops upon its death and follow the waypoint leading you inside of the cave.
  • Once you place the orb in the brazier, five portals will spawn around you.
  • Match these up with the Hive markings on the wall behind them.
  • Head through the right-hand portal to fight another Exarch.
  • Dispose of it and return through the portal, then grab the orb and light the next beacon.
A player activates the Hive beacons for the Ascendant Mysteries Ruins of Wrath quest
You’ll need to venture through the portals several times, bringing new orbs to each beacon.

How to use the different portals in Light the Way

When that beacon is lit, two completely new portals will spawn. These are meant to take you back and forth between the starting location and the next area of the quest, and you’ll have to venture through them five times in total to reach the end.

You’ll know you’ve arrived at the last one when the Soulfire Exarch drops another orb, instead of forcing you to venture through the portals again. Use that orb to light the final beacon.

This will summon a different portal that will whisk you onto an island path that has been covered in Fields of Strife to deter you from going the wrong way.

Fields of Strife in the Shattered Realm
This is the final location you’ll need to make it to before completing the quest entirely.

At the end of the outlined path, you’ll find a station to suppress the Strife and activate True Sight before taking on an upgraded Soulfire enemy known as a Hierarch.

After making it through the fight, the final chest should spawn in the center of the platform and your quest will be over.

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about the Ruins of Wrath portion of the Ascendant Mysteries in Destiny 2.

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