Furious Destiny 2 players beg Bungie to reconsider “casual” Witch Queen changes

Destiny 2 slidingActivision

Bungie just revealed the first batch of significant Destiny 2 gameplay changes planned for The Witch Queen expansion and Guardians are already fuming over the more “casual” tweaks.

With The highly anticipated Witch Queen expansion on the way to Destiny 2, players are eagerly awaiting one of the biggest content drops to date. While an official reveal is still a ways off, Bungie recently touched on some of the fundamental gameplay changes on the horizon.

Just about every subclass is changing to some extent and even general abilities are being fine-tuned as well. It’s the latter that caught the attention of the Destiny player base. Before long, many top content creators and experienced Guardians were lashing out over the “casual” adjustments.

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Namely, sliding is set to take a huge hit in the Witch Queen update.

Weapons will be less accurate and flinch will be even more noticeable when sliding in the near future. In light of this change, among others, players were quick to let Bungie know their displeasure.

The full list of changes revealed on August 6 had many concerned about the wavering level of skill in PVP specifically. These gameplay tweaks may come as a result of “casual players finding it too hard to slide and engage,” content creator WishYaLuckk stressed.

“The slide change seems really silly,” fellow Destiny veteran Gigz chimed in. “If it wasn’t random pellet spread, I would be on board.” Instead, a new element of randomization further reduces the Crucible’s skill ceiling.

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“The continued nerf to movement tech, the overall slowing down of the game, and the constant reduction in skill gap across all elements of the game, is really the kinda stuff that makes me wanna play Destiny a lil more these days,” Gladd said sarcastically.

While this criticism targeted the PVP experience in particular, the slide change along with other general tweaks apply across the board. Therefore, these Witch Queen adjustments will impact the flow of PVE gameplay as well.

There’s still plenty of time before the new season kicks off. This could leave room for a few last-minute changes in response to the backlash. Though there’s also every chance the latest wave of frustration falls on deaf ears too.

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More in-depth blog posts are set for the following weeks. Bungie already teased more intricate looks at armor and weapon changes on the way. Keep your eyes peeled on @DeltaINTEL for all the latest.