Destiny 2 dev reveals massive PVP changes: Rift, new maps, Trials of Osiris revamp, more

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Ahead of the Destiny 2 Showcase on August 24, Assistant Game Director, Joe Blackburn, revealed some huge changes are in the works for PVP, including new and vaulted maps, Rift potentially returning to Crucible, and more.

On August 4, the dev dropped a huge Twitter thread, full of PVP details Destiny fans will surely salivate over. He wasted no time in spilling juicy details and quickly announced that the team has been hard at work to improve Crucible in 2021, and they’re not stopping there – the Trials of Osiris is getting a rework.

“Next season, you’ll continue to see this effort with not only changes to 3-peaking but also what the team has been planning for the revamp of Trials of Osiris,” Blackburn revealed, confirming that more information on this will be shown during the August 24 showcase.

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He then said something that is music to every Guardian’s ears: new modes and maps will be a regular thing. “If you play pvp, the team wants you to understand that you will be getting new maps and modes every year, and that the cadence of those coming out feels predictable,” he explained.

Speaking of maps, two vaulted Destiny 2 ones will be returning in Season 16 once they’ve been optimized with the engine updates, and Season 17 will bring an entirely new map with it too.

Then, in Season 18, a remaster of a Destiny 1 map is set to make an appearance. It’s hard not to wish for more completely new maps, but hey, we’ll take what we can get.

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In what is probably the most exciting thing of all, Blackburn announced that Rift may be returning to Crucible if it’s compatible with D2’s sandbox. If you played D1, you’ll know just how fun it was, and it’s something fans have been wanting to see come back for years: “It’s been too long since we’ve dunked on some guardians.”

Finally, he revealed that new modes are on the way in 2022, though he won’t be sharing what those are just yet. “We’re excited to offer new twists and rules to the ways you can make shaxx proud,” he said.

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With Joe Blackburn’s information dump, the Showcase on August 24, and the upcoming Witch Queen expansion, Destiny 2 fans have a lot to be excited about right now heading into Year 5.

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