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Destiny 2 leaks suggest Bungie working on new “Vapour” element for future update

Published: 15/Jul/2021 7:41 Updated: 15/Jul/2021 7:49

by Brad Norton


New Destiny 2 leaks have suggested that a fifth element may finally be in the works, with the rumoured “Vapour” potentially be set to join Solar, Arc, Void, and Stasis in one of Bungie’s future updates.

When Destiny first arrived in 2014, it did so with just three elements in play. Solar, Arc, and Void were the three core damage types for the six years of content that followed.

Through all the major storylines and all the biggest content drops, players were only able to wield those primary powers. That all changed in 2020 with the introduction of Stasis, a controversial ice-based element that all but dominated PVP in its first year. And, while it took a six-year wait for this fourth element, that doesn’t appear to be the case for the fifth.


New leaks have suggested ‘Vapour’ is already in the works at Bungie, and that it could be on the way soon to flip the Destiny universe on its head once again.

Destiny 2 gameplay
A fifth element could be set to join Destiny 2 in the near future.

A huge ‘498-line’ document full of supposed leaks gained traction on Destiny’s Raid Secrets subreddit on July 14. This isn’t the first time some of these leaks have been mentioned either; the list has proven to be accurate, with various tidbits for previous seasons.

While not everything can be taken as fact, the leaker appears to have a clear picture of the next major beats in Destiny 2. From story spoilers to new weapons and bundles, the document is quite thorough.


Among the laundry list was a leak regarding a brand new element in Destiny 2. The alleged fifth element is referred to here as ‘Vapour.’

While details are scarce, it’s described as a “damage over time” effect. The leaker even compared the new element to Thorn Exotic and its lingering damage.

There’s always the chance no fifth element is even in the works, of course. Given the depth of these new leaks, though, it could only be a matter of time until Vapour makes its way to Destiny 2 — we’ll simply have to wait and see.

For now, take these Destiny 2 leaks with a grain of salt; things can always change as development continues, and leaks can be proven wrong.