Destiny 2’s Witch Queen release will see Forsaken expansion removed

Destiny 2 Forsaken gameplay showing a Guardian battling the ScornBungie

Destiny 2 will “vault” its Forsaken expansion with the arrival of the Witch Queen expansion in February 2022.

The title’s 2018 expansion, Forsaken, will be the next content to be added to the Destiny Content Vault. Its campaign, and the Tangled Shore location, will be removed from Destiny 2 when the forthcoming Witch Queen expansion launches.

The Forsaken campaign, which is widely regarded as some of the franchise’s best content, will be free for all players to enjoy from December 7, before being vaulted on February 22 – the day that Witch Queen arrives to see in Year 5 for the loot shooter.

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Destiny 2’s Witch Queen expansion will see Forsaken vaulted

As revealed in a new blog post, the vaulting of Forsaken will allow Bungie the space to add The Witch Queen, its Throne World destination, and more. However, that’s not all that’s going away.

Year 4 Seasonal content, including the Presage and Harbinger Exotic missions, are disappearing too – meaning you’ll want to grab Dead Man’s Tale and Hawkmoon before the next expansion arrives. In a follow-up tweet, Bungie’s senior community manager said that the “team is working on alternative acquisition sources” for those weapons, as well as Fourth Horseman, Outbreak Prime, and Whisper of the Worm.

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Cover art from Destiny 2 Forsaken showing Cayde 6 being carried

Not all Year 4 activities will be removed, though, with Battlegrounds remaining and being added to a new Vanguard Operations playlist along with strikes. This includes the remaining Proving Grounds strike added in Season of the Chosen.

Despite being added in Forsaken, the Warden of Nothing strike will also stick around, while Master Rahool will now be players’ source of material exchanges – inheriting the role from Spider once the Tangled Shore is removed.

Players that wish to jump into the Last Wish raid or the Shattered Throne dungeon, both originally part of Forsaken, can do so by purchasing a new “Forsaken Pack”.

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This pack will also include three Forsaken Ciphers to allow players to instantly unlock Forsaken Exotics that aren’t tied to the raid or dungeon.

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