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Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost: Start time, rewards, activities, more

Published: 7/Sep/2021 19:39 Updated: 17/Sep/2021 18:26

by Alec Mullins


Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost 2021 draws closer and closer. Here’s what we know ahead of the Halloween-themed event. 

Festival of the Lost is one of gaming’s coolest events and it only gets better every year. Now that we’re almost a year into the Beyond Light era of the game, fans are getting hungrier for a shakeup and the Festival could be the perfect opportunity to reenergize the fanbase.

While major details around the event are yet to be revealed, there are a few key features that we can rely on making an appearance again this year.


Here is what we know so far.

Festival of the Lost 2021 Start Date

Destiny 2 Tower

The event should kick off in the first week of October. While The Witch Queen expansion was delayed into 2022, all of the regular events still appear to be arriving on time. This event usually runs for most of October and wraps up in early November and should follow that trend again this year.

Festival of the Lost 2021 Content & Rewards

Destiny 2 Calendar
Since Mercury has been vaulted, Festival of the Lost will be seeing some changes.

The Haunted Forest has been a staple of Festival of the Lost so far, but it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if Bungie switches it up for Year 4.

An update on the Bungie website confirms that this year’s event will focus on zones Haunted Sectors.


Festival Masks return

Variks Mask from Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost
This old Variks mask may see a comeback in the 2021 edition of Festival of the Lost.

Each year the event brings with it new festival masks as well as some return masks from previous years.

Last year’s offering included:

  • Ana Bray
  • Variks
  • Wrapped Traveler
  • Fractured Traveler
  • Bubbling (a papercraft witch’s cauldron)
  • Exo Stranger

That’s not all though. Earlier in 2021, Bungie allowed fans to vote between two exclusive sets of armor that were being considered for the Festival of the Lost event. It was between the Movie Monster set and the Dino set, and unlike real life, the Dinos won out this time around.

Dino Armor in Festival of The Lost

The Dinosaur armor that was up for vote on the Destiny 2 twitter page
The Dinosaur armor was definitely superior to the Movie Monster set, and the voting results showed it.

Each character type has its own armor design in the Dino set.

The Titan features a T-Rex-inspired design which feels thematically appropriate as these characters are often the bulwark of their strike team. The beefy design reinforces the idea that each is an imposing figure on the battlefield.


The Warlock leans more towards a Triceratops look. The horns and claws do lend a certain visceral element that plays nicely with the Warlock class’ chaotic sensibilities. This set is also a nice medium between the fully-armored Titan and the loosely protected Hunter.

The Hunter is perfectly paralleled by the raptor design. Both of them are the most nimble and evasive of their kind, and will often be looked at as more refined than their counterparts. Just like their class abilities suggest – if the Titan/T-Rex pairing represents a hammer, the Hunter/Raptor combo is the bow and arrow of our metaphorical armory.


Players will look scarier than ever as they smash through the event and collecting limited-time currency like Chocolate Strange Coins and Candy as they go.

That’s all we know about the Festival of the Lost as of now. If you’re looking for more updates about the future of the game, check out our Season 16 guide here.