Destiny 2 players still puzzled by popular Onslaught feature removal

Joe Pring
Destiny 2 Onslaught

Destiny 2 players have been lamenting the loss of several key features that contributed to the popularity of Onslaught.

The activity, introduced with Into The Light, allowed Guardians to earn standard and limited edition versions of 12 Brave weapons. The former remained when The Final Shape launched while the latter – which boasted unique visuals and more perk choices – were removed.

Bungie clearly signposted that limited edition weapons wouldn’t be sticking around after the aforementioned expansion was released, but that hasn’t stopped players from seeking changes to make the activity feel less “worthless.”

Voicing their “wish” for the return of shiny Brave weapons in a Reddit thread, the post’s author believed that in its current form, Onslaught felt “kinda worthless,” and that the standard Brave arsenal alone “doesn’t feel like there’s a good reason to farm them.”

Destiny 2 Into The Light Brave arsenal
Shiny Brave weapons were removed from Onslaught loot pools with The Final Shape

While others agreed with the author’s view, most believed the core issue that affected Onslaught’s viability was the removal of the Hall of Champions and, by extension, weapon attuning.

“I don’t mind the shinies being gone. I mind not being able to target farm anymore,” read one comment.

“I’m fine with shinies not being in the game anymore, it makes them special,” another echoed, adding, “The only thing I really hate about Onslaught at the moment, is that attunement is not a thing anymore.”

“For me, it’s less about the shiny weapons and more about the focusing,” one more agreed. “It was a pain in the ass to get the roll I wanted even with the focusing, but now there’s little incentive for me to play.”

Attuning to one of the 12 Brave weapons in the Hall of Champions granted a sizable boost to drop rates for the gun attuned and, following buffs, guaranteed at least one further drop upon full completion of a 50-wave run.

As an added blow to its popularity, Onslaught doesn’t reward Pinnacle gear for weekly completion, giving Guardians still making strides towards the 2000 Power Cap little incentive to bother.

Bungie could reinstate one or more of Into The Light’s features in a future patch, but it has not any such guarantee thus far.