Destiny 2 needs to cut down on useless perks for The Final Shape

Joe Pring
The Mountaintop grenade launcher in Destiny 2

The pool of undesirable perks in Destiny 2 has grown exponentially over the years, and players are beginning to question their place in the sandbox. The chase for a perfect weapon roll has always been at the core of Bungie’s looter shooter but doing so has become increasingly difficult due to perk bloat.

With more options comes less chance for Guardians to find loot with best-in-slot winners like Bait and Switch or other heavily meta perks. The introduction of Onslaught as part of Into The Light last month hasn’t exacerbated the issue, but the chase for those shiny new Brave weapons has absolutely renewed debate.

Invisible Hand has become a particular pain point, with one player singling out the perk’s function (or lack thereof) over on the Destiny subreddit. User Spikehiyashi6 posted, “Is this an April Fools’ perk? Miss MULTIPLE shots in order to get +25 stability for one second? How is this even remotely useful?”

Three Guardians perparing to fight in The Final Shape Destiny 2 trailer.

Invisible Hand has faced stiff derision ever since its introduction in Season of the Deep. Granting bonus stability for a minuscule window after failing to land hits isn’t great. It’s currently only available on four weapons, Kept Confidence, Rapacious Appetite, Different Times and Targeted Redcation so it’s not a wide spread problem, but all of those weapons likely would benefit from better perk choice there.

However, even when it is working, players have had trouble activating the perk.

“I honestly was struggling to proc it, unless I tried to miss my target intentionally”, one player claimed, adding “Even if it procs, it’s barely noticeable.

Expectedly, the criticism triggered others to jump on the bandwagon to share their own list of perks perceived to have little use.

“Slickdraw I could see being great on a shotgun at least, although it is a gimped version of Quickdraw”, added one user, with Adrenaline Junkie also being thrown under the bus. “Adrenaline Junkie can pretty much always have a better perk in its slot.”

As with every expansion before it, The Final Shape will be accompanied by its own fresh set of perks and Exotics. Some of these are bound to be better than others, potentially prolonging the loot grind even further. Bungie removing the ability to farm Limited Edition Brave weapons with the DLC could result in a double whammy of unsatisfying loot.

After the nightmare of trying to snag a Mountaintop with Auto-Loading Holster and Recombination in Onslaught, here’s hoping The Final Shape throws Guardians a bone when it lands on June 4.