Destiny 2 players want changes to “bloated” Dungeon loot pools

Joe Pring

Destiny 2 players have been campaigning for a revamp of how rewards work in the shooter’s numerous Dungeons.

The pinnacle PvE activity, second only to Raids in terms of difficulty, promises armor and weapons aplenty for successfully clearing encounters, but Guardians have taken issue with the randomness of loot being awarded for their efforts.

Calling for changes on Reddit, one user specifically asked for Dungeons to adopt Destiny 2’s Pattern system, stating “Can we update all Dungeons to have Red Border weapons? It stops being a ‘chase’ when a loot pool is too bloated to have good odds of getting what you want.”

“I farmed the first encounter of Warlord’s Ruin for seven hours and didn’t get a single roll of Indebted Kindness with Voltshot,” they continued, signing off with “Can we just make these weapons craftable?”

The Indebted Kindness legendary Sidearm in Destiny 2.
Indebted Kindness drops exclusively from Warlord’s Ruin

While responses didn’t necessarily agree with the addition of craftable Dungeon weapons, most shared the sentiment that adjustments needed to happen.

“Dungeon drops should always be at least a weapon +/- armor. Getting five armor drops in a row feels bad,” opined one comment, referring to the fact that each Dungeon encounter can only drop one of the two.

“Honestly, I’d prefer if there was an option to turn off armor drops for Dungeons. Once you get the gear you won’t get more unless it’s Master mode (Artifice armor),” another added. “I like that a hard activity has RNG drops personally. The problem for me truly is armor getting in the way,” they continued.

Others took the discourse one step further by requesting older Dungeons such as Shattered Throne and Pit of Heresy receive Master difficulties and associated Artifice armor drops.

“They’d have to really up the difficulty of those two for them to give out Artifice armor,” one reply cautioned, referencing that years of power creep have made both activities much easier than newer Dungeons.

Whether Bungie considers an overhaul as necessary remains to be seen. The developer could opt to introduce changes in future Dungeon releases before retroactively adjusting existing content.

For now, the most efficient way to get your hands on desired rolls in Warlord’s Ruin will be to target the encounter known to have a chance at dropping the loot you want.

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