Destiny 2 players find leaked subclass ahead of Season 18 & Lightfall reveal

Lloyd Coombes
Destiny 2 Season of the risen

Players think they’ve found evidence of Destiny 2’s new subclass, potentially arriving with Lightfall, thanks to a clip uploaded to Artstation.

An eagle-eyed Destiny 2 fan has spotted an Artstation video, reportedly uploaded by a Bungie employee, that showcases a sixth damage type, and a potential new subclass, for the long-running loot shooter.

Following Kinetic, Solar, Void, Arc, and Stasis, the leak seemingly shows a green damage type — although no abilities for the subclass are shown.

Since there has been no confirmation from Bungie, it’s possible the assets in question could be falsified, but it’s certainly got the community talking.

Is this Destiny 2’s next subclass and damage type?

You can check out a short clip, shared via @DestinyTwoLeaks on Twitter, below:

The now-deleted post shows a HUD with what appear to be placeholder icons set on a green background that has players expecting the next subclass to be the long-awaited “poison” or “Vapor” element as seen on Thorn and Osteo Striga.

The last new element added was Stasis in Beyond Light, which proved to be divisive as many players considered it to be overpowered. In 2022, Bungie has reworked Void and Solar elements in Season of the Risen and Season of the Haunted, respectively, with Arc’s own 3.0 revision coming in Season 18.

Season 18, and the next expansion Lightfall, will be revealed at a Bungie event on August 23, so we may hear more about the new damage type, if it is in fact real, on that date.