Destiny 2 players convinced new Prismatic subclass will destroy PvP balance

James Lynch
destiny 2 final shape delay

The latest Destiny 2 developer livestream brought with it some huge revelations about the upcoming expansion, The Final Shape. One of the major reveals was the new subclass Prismatic, which has PvP players worried about the game’s future.

The new subclass is a bold new direction for Destiny. It allows players to combine powers from multiple existing subclasses to create bold new builds that look like they could raise Guardians to a ridiculous level of power.

The move has generally been received very well by the community, with many excited to take the fight to The Witness when the expansion releases. One area where feedback has been a little more mixed is in PvP, with many worried that balancing could go out the window if the subclass is available in all PvP modes.

In a post on Reddit, one player shared their excitement and trepidation at the news, from the perspective of someone who plays both PvE and PvP.

Many players were quick to echo his thoughts “My first thought was how am I supposed to know what’s coming my way in trials now lol. Even with exotic class items and a subclass icon, it doesn’t tell you anything before the match starts, so you can’t make last-minute changes. Technically a solo queue issue, but still worth noting.”

Others suggested mitigations to prevent issues in PvP. One said: “Ability cooldowns and fragment slot limitations probably. Like you’re getting less mileage out of each fragment if it is not covering your whole kit. We don’t really have 100% uptime on abilities, too, so we do have to engage with the other systems in the game.”

More details on the new subclass will emerge as the expansion nears its full release on June 4.

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