Destiny 2 players beg Bungie to remove currency caps: "Let us play the damn game" - Dexerto

Destiny 2 players beg Bungie to remove currency caps: “Let us play the damn game”

Published: 16/Oct/2021 20:32

by Julian Young


Festival of the Lost has returned to Destiny 2, and while the community has largely been enjoying Beyond Light’s spin on the festivities, the event also has players up in arms once again over the game’s currency caps.

Destiny 2‘s fall celebration, Festival of the Lost, returned to the looter shooter for another year in Beyond Light — albeit with some significant differences from previous iterations.

Bungie’s new take on the Halloween-themed event has been well-received, with players praising the move away from the Haunted Forest, and plenty of Guardians decking themselves out with spooky new masks and Dino armor sets.


Despite the mostly positive reception, the event has also highlighted an issue that remains a major point of contention for most Destiny 2 players: currency caps imposed by Bungie, which many players argue are annoyingly arbitrary and completely unnecessary.

Destiny 2 players outraged over Spectral Pages limit

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2021
Festival of the Lost 2021 rekindled Destiny 2’s age-old currency cap debate.

As Festival of the Lost’s first week drew to a close, Guardians took to social media and voiced their concerns about the age-old currency limit issue, highlighted once again by a cap on the Spectral Pages that players must earn in order to progress through the event.

“[I] just did a 3-hour Gambit grind only to find out Spectral Pages cap at 75,” one player shared on the Destiny 2 subreddit, before wondering “Who knows how many [more pages] I missed out on?”


The post then slammed Bungie over their decision to limit the number of Spectral Pages players can hold at one time: “Stop putting a f**king cap on everything. Glimmer, [Legendary] shards, [planetary] materials, and a thousand other things. Just stop.”

“Let us play the damn game how we want,” the player begged, before ending their post, “If I want to get 200 pages and then turn them in, just let me do it for f**k’s sake.”

FFS enough with the damn cap on everything from DestinyTheGame

Guardians want Destiny 2 currency caps removed

The Destiny 2 community came out in droves to support the player’s feedback, with plenty of other Guardians voicing their own concerns about currency caps — event-related or otherwise.


“I think one of the worst caps is Glimmer, when Ascendant Shards cost 50k and the kiosk weapons are all above 100k,” one response read. “If [Bungie] could raise the cap to 400k, even that would be nice.”

Another played called out the limit on Tier 3 Umbral Engram focusing — something that was implemented after Season of the Lost began, to overwhelmingly negative feedback. “Capping T3 Umbrals that aren’t even high stat [rolls most] of the time was the ultimate d**k move.”

Currency caps have been a pain point for players since the days of Destiny 1, and 2021’s Festival of the Lost has once again shown a spotlight on the highly contentious issue. In the meantime, make sure to keep an eye on the number of Spectral Pages in your inventory so you don’t lose out on event progress.