Destiny 2 player completes solo flawless run of Root of Nightmares raid

Destiny 2 Guardian Fighting Nezarec in Root of NightmaresBungie

A Destiny 2 player has completed the most recent Root of Nightmares raid completely solo and deathless, causing mass praise from the community for the World’s first achievement.

Destiny 2 players are always pushing the boundaries of the game, from incredible movement techniques like well-skating to completing insanely hard content with only the bare minimum. The hardcore Destiny community is constantly finding new ways to challenge themselves and the game.

Often times this comes in the form of soloing content, with the goal of completing the entire encounter without any deaths in mind. In Destiny, this is considered one of the hardest goals to achieve, as most content is designed to be run by multiple players with the ability to revive one another.

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Destiny 2 player Xemo first to complete RoN solo flawless

Hardcore Destiny players have been attempting to solo clear out the most recent raid, The Root of Nightmares which was released during Lightfall. The raid, whilst considered one of the easier ones introduced to the game, still requires a decent team to be able to run and clear it. However, it appears that that is no longer the case.

Destiny player Xemo was able to completely clear the entire raid solo, without dying a single time.

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Xemo, elated with his victory over Nezarec took to Twitter to share with the D2 playerbase.


Many community members praised the achievement, as Xemo was the first-ever player to clear the raid solo flawlessly. The completion was so monumental popular streamer Gothalion even came to congratulate the player on their clear.

“Unreal. Huge congrats” the streamer stated.

What’s even more impressive is that Xemo was able to clear the entire 4 raid encounters solo in just under an hour, an incredibly fast time that will be difficult to overtake.

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You can find the full VOD of Xemo’s solo flawless clear on his YouTube channel here.

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