Forbearance won’t be Destiny 2’s best add-clear weapon for much longer

Kurt Perry
Destiny 2 Into The Light's variant of Forbearance.

Forbearance is Destiny 2’s best add-clear weapon, but after the hefty nerfs coming in The Final Shape arrive, the Grenade Launcher won’t be meta anymore.

In a TWID posted on May 15, Bungie revealed a huge wave of weapon tuning updates are coming in The Final Shape. These are being implemented to freshen up the meta and rebalance anything too strong or too weak.

One of the biggest nerfs coming involves Forbearance, Destiny 2’s best add-clear weapon. The Arc Grenade Launcher is getting hit hard with the following changes affecting it:

  • Wave Frame Grenade Launchers – Reduced the length of the waves from 22 meters to 15 meters (except for Dead Messenger).
  • Chain Reaction – Special Weapons have 15% smaller AoE size and 20% less damage.
Forbearance grenade launcher being used to add-clear in Destiny 2.

The nerf to Wave Frame Grenade Launchers will see the size of each wave fired reduced by over 30%. This will make it harder to hit multiple targets with a single shot reducing the effectiveness of the archetype.

However, that’s a nerf to every Legendary Wave Frame GL and not specific to Forbearance. The real reason Forbearance is losing its throne is the changes to Chain Reaction, with Bungie reducing the perk’s effectiveness on Special weapons by lowering its damage output.

Chain Reaction is one of the big reasons why Forbearance became so dominant in the first place. It makes every kill trigger an explosion that can spread and wipe out several enemies in one shot.

According to Light GG, over 50% of Forbearance rolls feature Chain Reaction, making it one of the most popular perks in the game, but it won’t be nearly as potent in The Final Shape.

Those looking for alternatives should consider checking out Undercurrent. Much like Forbearance, Undercurrent is an Arc Wave Frame Grenade Launcher. However, its power comes through Voltshot rather than Chain Reaction and with the former not getting nerfed, it will still be a powerhouse in The Final Shape.

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