Forgotten Destiny 2 Pulse Rifle will be excellent in The Final Shape and you can farm it this week

Kurt Perry
Darkest Before pulse rifle in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 The Final Shape is introducing a wide range of balancing changes, including a huge buff to Pulse Rifles, and to best take advantage of it you’ll want to farm this underrated weapon while it’s still featured.

A big change coming to the PvE Meta in The Final Shape is the likely emergence of Pulse Rifles. The burst weapons are receiving a massive 20% damage buff against all PvE combatants, and an additional 15% against Minors. This buff will be more than enough to elevate them alongside some of the best Primary Weapons in the looter shooter.

This has led Destiny 2 players to consider which previously overlooked Pulse Rifles are now worth farming. For this, there’s no better option than Darkest Before, a Solar Pulse Rifle that was reissued in Season 23 alongside the Prophecy loot refresh.

Prophecy dungeon's ribbon platforming section in Destiny 2.

Darkest Before is a great weapon that gets access to some fantastic meta rolls. Here is Darkest Before’s full perk pool:

  • Column 3: Attrition Orbs, Deconstruct, Elemental Capacitor, Heal Clip, Subsistence, Wellspring
  • Column 4: Focused Fury, Headseeker, Incandescent, Kill Clip, One For All, Surplus

The PvE God Roll for Darkest Before is Heal Clip + Incandescent, a combination that is already proven on other meta Solar weapons. Some examples include Heliocentric QSc, Luna’s Howl, and The Summoner, all of which are strong options.

Though Incandescent is easily the best Column 4 perk, Heal Clip can be swapped on builds that don’t need more sustain. Deconstruct is a viable option to refill the magazine and reduce the amount of reloads required, while Attrition Orbs is viable on Pulse Rifles thanks to how often they can proc it.

The good news is that if you want to get Darkest Before, now is the best time. Prophecy is Destiny 2’s featured dungeon this week and will remain so until May 28. While the refreshed dungeon is featured, its bosses can be farmed and will keep giving drops.

For Darkest Before, you’ll need to farm the dungeon’s final boss, Kell Echo. The easiest way to do this is to use D2Checkpoint to teleport to the final encounter and skip having to re-complete the dungeon every time. With this strategy, you’ll be able to get plenty of Kell Echo kills and should have Darkest Before’s PvE god roll in no time.