Destiny 2 Halloween easter egg has fans excited for Festival of the Lost event

Destiny 2's Saint-14 characterBungie

Destiny 2 is getting closer to its Festival of the Lost event, and the reappearance of a Saint-14 easter egg has fans hoping for a little whimsy this year.

Destiny 2 is a live-service game, and that means there are plenty of events all year round. For many, though, the highlight is the Festival of the Lost. This Halloween event usually offers the Haunted Forest, a PvE activity that sends Guardians into a pitch-black version of the Infinite Forest to slay as many bosses as they can.

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While we’re not 100% certain the mode will return in 2021, the Destiny subreddit has spotted a fun quest idea for Titans involving Saint-14 and the exotic armor piece named after him.

Destiny 2 Helm of Saint-14 Exotic Titan HelmetBungie
If you’ve got the Helm of Saint-14, head to the Tower’s hangar for a chat

Saint-14 easter egg has fans hoping for a fun Festival of the Lost quest

The big Russian Exo’s unmistakable helmet is available for Guardians to earn as an exotic piece of gear. The Helm of Saint-14 looks just like Saint’s very own headgear, and triggers this line of dialogue from the character when players put it on near the legendary Titan.

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If players pop the helmet on and go and stand by Saint-14, he’ll shout in his exuberant voice “Haha! You look like me! Let us go confuse Zavala”.

While the Destiny 2 subreddit shared the post, the dialogue has been around for a little while. Still, as noted by the game’s community, wouldn’t it be fun to surprise the straight-laced Zavala with a little prank?

Other commenters noted that maybe we should prank Savathun instead, since she’s currently held captive in the Dreaming City ahead of The Witch Queen expansion next year, or perhaps even don the mask of one of her Hive family members – although, as noted in the thread, that could be in bad taste, even for the Witch Queen.

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One commenter even suggested players could run a Tower Prank raid where they need to prank Zavala in his office at night, maybe with some optional stinkbombs from The Drifter.

In any case, Festival of the Lost is coming soon. Be sure to check out everything we know about the event.

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