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Destiny 2 Season 16: Release date, story, content and everything we know

Published: 6/Sep/2021 11:39

by Lloyd Coombes


Destiny 2’s next season will be tied to The Witch Queen. Here’s everything we know about Season 16.

Destiny 2’s latest season, Season of the Lost, has the unenviable task of carrying Bungie’s story from now until The Witch Queen arrives in 2022 – making it the game’s longest season yet.

It’s not just the Witch Queen that’ll arrive in February 2022, though, because it’ll actually kick off the Season 16 content in the same way that Beyond Light arrived alongside Season of the Hunt (Season 12).

So, once you’ve visited the Throne World and gone toe-to-toe with Savathun, what awaits? Here’s everything we know about Season 16.


Destiny 2 The Witch Queen 2022 Expansion Cover Art Hive Savathun
Savathun will be our main enemy in the Witch Queen expansion, but will she remain a part of Season 16?

Destiny 2 Season 16 release date

As with Witch Queen, Season 16 will arrive on February 22, 2022.

That’s a long wait, but there is the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack to look forward to in between.

Destiny 2 Season 16 content

While the game hasn’t added much in the way of PvP maps in recent months, Season 16 will finally see the addition of two Destiny 1 Crucible maps into the Destiny 2 rotation.

That may sound a little disappointing, but as assistant game director Joe Blackburn explained on Twitter, a new map is coming in Season 17.

Players can also expect a new exotic tied to the season pass, as well as a new seasonal activity – at least if the last few seasons are anything to go by.


Destiny 2 Season 16 story and characters

With Season of the Lost being our first face-to-face with Savathun, and the Witch Queen making her the main antagonist, it all depends on how the expansion ends.

After all, if she goes the way of her brother Oryx, we’ll slay her in the expansion’s new raid and then that’s… it. We’ll be sure to update this as we hear more.

Destiny 2 Season 16 price

Season 16 will adhere to Bungie’s new Season Pass model, meaning you can buy in for around £10 per season.

If you pick up Witch Queen’s Deluxe Edition, though, you’ll also get access to Season 16, 17, and 18’s new content all rolled into the one fee (£69.99), as well as a couple of new Dungeons, an exotic SMG and catalyst, and other cosmetic items.