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Dead by Daylight: Sadako Rising Chapter 23 – Release date, new Survivor, Killer & Perks

Published: 7/Mar/2022 14:59

by Ava Thompson-Powell


Dead by Daylight’s upcoming Chapter 23, Sadako Rising, brings the Ringu movie – along with the iconic Sadako – into play as the latest Killer, and Yoichi Asakawa as a Survivor with brand new Perks. Here’s everything we know about the haunting new Chapter and its release date.

Dead by Daylight features plenty of memorable faces from iconic horror franchises throughout the gaming and film industries, and Sadako Rising looks as if it’ll take things to a whole new level as characters from the 1998 Ringu movie make their way through the Fog.

With a brand new Killer for Survivors to try and escape the Trial from, Sadako, known in-game as The Onryō, will turn the game’s Slasher-style gameplay fans know and love on its head as it introduces psychological horror elements into play with new powers and Perks.



Official artwork for the new Dead by Daylight chapter, Sadako Rising
Behaviour Interactive
Dead by Daylight brings Ringu to the Entity’s realm.

Dead by Daylight Sadako Rising release date

Behaviour Interactive’s latest DBD chapter, Sadako Rising, will release on March 8, 2022, on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia.

Sadako, the newest Killer in Dead by Daylight
Behaviour Interactive
Sadako is the newest Killer to join The Entity’s realm.

Dead by Daylight Sadako Rising new Killer Perks

The latest Killer to arrive in Dead by Daylight will be Sadako, known as The Onryō. Her new Perks as seen in the PTB can be found below:

Perk Description
Call of Brine After damaging a generator, this Perk becomes active for 60 seconds. The generator regresses at 150% of the normal regression speed and its aura is revealed to you. Each time a Survivor completes a good Skill Check on a generator affected by this perk, you receive a loud noise notification.
Merciless Storm When a generator reaches 90% progress, Survivors working on the generator will be faced with continuous Skill Checks. If they miss or stop repairing, the generator is blocked for 16 seconds. Can only be triggered once per trial.
Scourge Hook: Floods of Rage At the start of the trial, up to 4 random hooks are changed into Scourge Hooks. You see their auras in white. When a Survivor is unhooked from a Scourge Hook, all other Survivors have their auras revealed for 5 seconds.

Dave Richards, Creative Director of Dead by Daylight said that players “[…] can expect Sadako to come with creepy and surprising gameplay mechanics that are not found in other Killers” and “Survivors beware, she will freak you out!”

As it turns out, though, Sadako has been a character the team wanted to add for a while, according to Richards in a Dexerto interview.


The television that Sadako crawls out also makes an appearance throughout a Trial, with the Chapter’s press release stating: “Though the flickering glow of a television has long been a source of comfort, the mere sight of one will soon send shivers down their spine.”

The producer of Ringu from Kadokawa Corporation, Reiko Imayasu, said: “In addition to the new Killer Sadako, there are many other items that evoke the world of Ringu. I hope that players will be thrilled to see how they fit into the game, whilst they tremble at the sight of them”.

Dead by Daylight Sadako Killer power

Sadako’s Killer’s new power is Deluge of Fear, with her Special Abilities allowing her to Manifest and Demanifest to become invisible, utilizing televisions around the map to move through the Trial. Her power and Special Abilities, as seen in the PTB, are:


  • Deluge of Fear: Through the medium of a mysterious videotape, Sadako spreads her curse to unwitting viewers and causes their untimely deaths. Before Manifesting, The Onryō gains the Undetectable status effect and is invisible to Survivors, but becomes intermittently visible when within 32 meters of them.
  • Special Ability: Manifestation: The Onryō must physically manifest to attack Survivors. Press and hold the Power button to Manifest into material form in your current position. For a brief duration after Manifesting, The Onryō will continue to be intermittently visible to Survivors when within 32 meters. Afterward, she will be fully visible within 32 meters for as long as she remains Manifested. The Onryō can Demanifest by pressing and holding the Power button.
  • Special Ability: Projection: The Onryō can also take material form by Projecting herself through a TV. Press the Ability button while looking at a powered TV to Project to it, shutting the TV off in the process. All Survivors within 16 meters of the TV gain the Condemned progress. A fully Condemned progress Survivor is revealed by Killer Instinct and can be killed once downed. Survivors can temporarily turn off TVs with the Retrieve Tape action. This adds Condemned progress to the Survivor. While holding a Tape, the Survivor can continue turning off other TVs, further gaining Condemned for doing so. One specific TV will have its aura highlighted to the Survivor. This TV allows the Survivor to spread The Onryō’s message by inserting their Tape. Doing so removes some Condemned progress.
Yoichi Asakawa, Dead by Daylight's newest Survivor
Behaviour Interactive
Yoichi Asakawa is the latest Survivor to step into the Fog.

Dead by Daylight Sadako Rising new Survivor & Perks

Yoichi Asakawa is the newest Survivor joining the fray in the upcoming Chapter – the only protagonist to ever have survived Sadako’s hauntings and lived to tell the tale. His new Perks, as seen in the current PTB, can be found below:

Perk Description
Boon: Dark Theory Press and hold the Ability button near a Dull or Hex Totem to bless it and create a Boon Totem. Soft chimes ring out in a 24-meter range. Any Survivors within the Boon Totem’s range gain a 2% Haste status effect. This effect lingers for 2 seconds after leaving the Boon Totem’s range. You can only bless one Totem at a time.
Empathic Connection Whenever another Survivor is injured, they can see your aura within a range of 32 meters. You heal other Survivors 10% faster.
Parental Guidance After stunning the Killer by any means, your scratch marks, pools of blood, and grunts of pain are hidden for 8 seconds.

20 years after he escaped, he is now a marine biologist, with his tale continuing through the DBD story “as his search for answers drove him through treacherous waters, deep into a realm beyond rational understanding.”

Dexerto was able to speak to Reiko Imayasu, one of the producers on the Ringu franchise, and she had this to say about Yoichi.


“When the Dead by Daylight team first proposed the idea, I immediately said, ‘that is so interesting!’ The scene where Yoichi watches the cursed video alone in the middle of the night and his mother finds it is one of the scariest and most symbolic scenes in the film.”

“The story of the boy is now being told for the first time in 24 years through Dead by Daylight [and] makes me feel that this is somewhat destined to be.”

Dead by Daylight Sadako Rising trailer

Below, you’ll find the trailer showing everything you need to know about the upcoming chapter, and Sadako and Yoichi:

So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Sadako Rising Dead by Daylight Chapter.


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