All CS:GO roster changes ahead of the IEM Katowice Major roster lock

The countdown to Counter-Strike’s IEM Katowice Major is on, but before fans can settle down to watch one of the most prestigious events of the CS:GO season, there is a small window in which teams can make roster changes.

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This will be the third time a major event has been held in the Polish city but there will be no home representatives this time around.

As is common leading up to an event of this magnitude, some teams will make a move that they see giving them the best chance at securing a title. Other teams, however, will choose to stick it out and make a move after their Major run. 

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The roster lock for this event has been set for January 1. The date is two weeks before the first Minor events – the CIS and European Minors – giving teams who want to make a move enough team to get to grips with their changes.

FaZe don’t have long to find a replacement for the recently-benched Karrigan[ad name=”article2″]

However, a slight alteration has made to this event’s rulebook that will allow teams to make an emergency transfer due to in a serious and short notice emergency – i.e. injury or cancelled transport to the event. This would, in theory, prevent teams from having to field their coach as a stand-in as previously seen with Space Soldiers during the FACEIT London Major.

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Things could get hectic once a number of roster moves are made, but this handy hub will keep you up to date with any changes as soon as they happen!

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Rumored and confirmed Roster changes timeline

December 31st

December 29th

December 28th

  • Vitality replace Happy with ALEX (Confirmed)

December 23rd

December 22nd

  • XANTARES joins BIG for Nex (Rumor)

December 21st

  • Stewie2K joins Team Liquid, Taco and Zews return to MIBR (Confirmed)

December 20th

  • Tarik to miss IEM Katowice Major (Rumor)
  • compLexity benches Yay, coach Rambo departs (Confirmed)

December 18th

  • MIBR to add Felps from INTZ (Rumor)

December 16th

December 12th

  • Boltz replaces Yel on Luminosity Gaming (Confirmed)

December 11th

  • Made in Brazil (MIBR) to add Taco, Zews to join as coach (Rumor)
  • Stewie2K to leave MIBR for Team Liquid (Rumor)
  • Tarik benched by MIBR

December 10th

  • waterfALLZ leaves Winstrike as a free agent (Confirmed)