CS:GO: Team Liquid set to complete trade for North American Major Champion

. Last updated: Dec 21, 2018

The CS:GO community is buzzing with news of a potential roster move that could bring some widespread changes to the entire scene.

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When MIBR rounded out their roster with the inclusion of Jacky ‘Stewie2k’ Yip, many thought that the team would be set for a dominant second half of 2018.

Since then, however, the results have been less-than-stellar and it looks like there might be a roster move on the way in the near future.

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On December 11, Stewie posted a single Tweet containing three words that has set the community on fire.

The Tweet alone was enough to set the community abuzz, but then his former Cloud9 teammates added fuel to the fire with Tweets containing old pictures of their time playing together with Cloud9. 

It looks as though all of their Tweets were but a ruse, however, as ESPN’s Jacob Wolf has reported that Stewie is on his way to a different North American organization altogether. 

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Stewie looks to be on his way back to North America after a stint with the Brazilian-owned MIBR.

Wolf reports that MIBR are set to trade Stewie to Team Liquid in exchange for Epitácio “TACO” de Melo and head coach Wilton “zews” Prado. 

The move will give Liquid an all North American roster while reuniting TACO and zews with their former MIBR (then SK Gaming) teammates. 

TACO is set to reunite with his former teammates on MIBR.

Both Liquid and MIBR had been struggling throughout the year, falling short without a significant wins and hope that this exchange will give them what it takes to finally best the dominant Astralis. 

MIBR is also reportedly looking to deal Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik in an effort to return to having an all-Brazilian roster, explaining tarik’s own cryptic Tweet on December 11.

Neither team has officially commented on the matter, but we can likely expect an official announcement at some point in the near future.