Former CS:GO Champion will reportedly sit out next Major, to stream instead

. 4 years ago

It looks like the CS:GO roster shuffle will end up leaving a prominent name sitting on the sidelines for the new year’s first Major competition.

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The next Major tournament in CS:GO will be IEM Katowice which officially starts January 16, but the deadline for teams to finalize their rosters is January 1, which might not be enough time for a star player to complete his transition out from his current organization.

MiBR player Tarik “tarik” Celik’s is currently signed to MiBR, but since the chaotic transfers in the off season, it was likely he was on his way out of the Brazilian-based organization.

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The young talent does not seem to have a team lined up in time for the next major.

After Founder and CEO of CompLexity Jason Lake confirmed that negotiations were held for the former Major winner, he was doubtful that Tarik would be added to the team before the roster deadline.

“We did have serious conversations with Tarik but I do not expect him to be joining us before the January 1 roster lock,” Lake said. “I remain an admirer of his and wish him the very best.”

Soon after, prominent CS:GO reporter, Jarek “DeKay” Lewis gave his thoughts on the latest update for MiBR player Tarik “tarik” Celik’s current status.

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“[Lake’s update] coincides with everything I had heard behind the scenes,” DeKay said. “Last I was told Tarik would sit the Major out and stream.”

The news comes as a shock since Complexity was linked to sign the 22-year-old Turkish-American player after MiBR have reportedly moved ahead with plans to form an all-Brazilian team.

DeKay indicates Tarik might not have been interested in the teams pursuing him enough to sign a multi-year deal.

Since the deadline is fast-approaching and with no word of a new front runner to sign the former MVP, it looks like Tarik might have to sit out 2019’s first Major tournament.

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