Top 20 highest earning CSGO pros of all time

The CS:GO competitive landscape is experiencing a major shift in power. While Danish players still dominate the top spots when it comes to earnings, other stars are surging behind them to cut the lead.

Back in 2018, Astralis stars Nicolai ‘dev1ce’ Reedtz, Peter ‘dupreeh’ Rasmussen and Andreas ‘Xyp9x’ Højsleth became the first CS:GO stars to ever break the $1 million threshold in prize money won.

Since then, and their Major wins at IEM Katowice 2019 and StarLadder Berlin, they’ve been joined in the millionaires club by teammates Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander and Emil ‘Magisk’ Reif.

Astralis have given up their stranglehold on every tournament, and their dominant lineup is no longer around – with dev1ce having left for NIP and dupreeh and Magisk now playing for Vitality. However, four of those five players still dominate the list of the highest-earning stars in the game. There is the feeling that, for some of them at least, hitting $2 million is only a matter of time.

ESLAstralis dominated CS:GO between 2018 and 2020, raking in bunches of prize money

19 players have now broken $1 million each

While Astralis were the first to clearly break the $1 million ceiling, there are now 19 players in the millionaire club. This includes the core of the old SK-Luminosity squad, as well as NAVI’s trio of Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev, Denis ‘electronic’ Sharipov, Ilya “Perfecto” Zalutskiy. Nineteen-year-old Valeriy ‘b1t’ Vakhovskiy, a full-fledged NAVI player for little over a year, is less than $20,000 away from entering the millionaires club.

s1mple broke into the top five in the ranking following NAVI’s quarter-final finish in ESL Pro League 15, leapfrogging Emil ‘Magisk’ Reif.

João Ferreira/Dexerto
rain is one of the newest additions to CS:GO’s millionaires club

The tournament in Düsseldorf saw another player enter CS:GO’s millionaires club. Russel ‘Twistzz’ Van Dulken, who helped FaZe win the ESL Pro League crown after a dominant playoff run and now has the recent PGL Antwerp Major under win under his belt, has now amassed $1,207,293.10 in prize money.

PGL Major Antwerp MVP Håvard ‘rain’ Nygaard is one of the two newest additions to CS:GO’s millionaires club after helping FaZe win the Belgian event. The other one is Ilya ‘Perfecto’ Zalutskiy, who joins two of his NAVI teammates on the list.

Who is the richest CS:GO player of all time?

dupreeh has taken over Astralis teammate Xyp9x as CS:GO’s highest earner of all time. But the 29-year-old Dane’s grip on the top spot is loosening after he missed the last months of the 2021 season following his benching by Astralis. He is now only about $2,000 ahead of the ‘Clutch Minister’, who recently leapfrogged dev1ce to second place.

João Ferreira/Dexerto
s1mple is the only non-Danish player in the top 5

s1mple is the only non-Danish player in the top five. The Ukrainian superstar walked into this elite list in large part thanks to NAVI’s success in 2021, when the team won a series of international titles, including the PGL Stockholm Major. NAVI remain one of the strongest sides in the CS:GO scene in 2022, with a number of top-two finishes and a BLAST Premier title since the start of the year.

The top 20 highest-earning CS:GO pros on July 18, 2022, according to, can be found below. This post will be updated after every major CS:GO event.

Top 20 Richest CS:GO Players in Prize Money – Updated July 18, 2022

Position Name Nationality Earning
1st dupreeh Denmark $1,972,631.07
2nd Xyp9x Denmark $1,970,380.23
3rd dev1ce Denmark $1,921,931.54
4th gla1ve Denmark $1,822,542.41
5th s1mple Ukraine $1,652,721.98
6th Magisk Denmark $1,566,090.30
7th electroNic Russia $1,506,458.66
8th karrigan Denmark $1,317,752.06
9th Twistzz Canada $1,207,293.10
10th Stewie2K United States $1,186,573.20
11th FalleN Brazil $1,143,186.54
12th rain Norway $1,115,716.24
13th Perfecto Russia $1,104,370.77
14th NAF Canada $1,100,148.86
15th TACO Brazil $1,092,186.48
16th fer Brazil $1,070,586.54
17th Boombl4 Russia $1,069,333.20
18th EliGE United States $1,048,079.62
19th coldzera Brazil $1,038,401.46
20th B1T Ukraine $983,324.36