WoW cosplayer breathes new life into Alexstrasza with stunning look

WoW Alexstraza cosplay imageBlizzard Entertainment, Claire Obscure

World of Warcraftโ€™s stunning dragon titan, Alexstrasza, watches over all life on Azeroth, but this WoW cosplayer has summoned her to protect our world too.

While the likes of the devilish Sylvanas and paragon of righteousness, Jaina Proudmoore, often take center stage during your World of Warcraft journey, there wouldnโ€™t be life in Azeroth if not for Alexstrasza, the Life-Binder.

Making her debut in Wrath of the Lich King, the Dragon Queen has even managed to wyrm (get it?) her way into Blizzardโ€™s MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, where her healing abilities and shapeshifting prowess make her a force to be reckoned with.

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Channeling mother nature is French cosplayer Claire Obscure, whose Alexstrasza cosplay is so spectacular it looks as though sheโ€™s walked straight out of WoW and into the real world.

WoW dragon lady in the middle of battleBlizzard Entertainment
As fierce as she is benevolent, Alexstrasza is Azerothโ€™s resident Mother Nature.

WoW Alexstrasza cosplay sets Azeroth ablaze

For Claire, choosing the Life-Binder was relatively easy. โ€œUntil now I mainly did cosplays from the Blizzard universe!โ€ she told Dexerto.

โ€œI started with three Overwatch characters (D.Va, Widowmaker, and Ashe) and then switched to WoW. Apart from the fact that I like the game, I find that the characters from WoW and Blizzard in general really have an incredible design. Whether itโ€™s armour or fabric costumes, thereโ€™s really a lot of details and thatโ€™s what I like about cosplay.โ€

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Additionally, she confesses that โ€œin real, Iโ€™m a big fan of dragons, and of course Iโ€™ve always loved Alexstrasza! Sheโ€™s the Life-Binder, aspect of the red dragonflight, and she is the guardian of all life in the world of Azeroth. I like this whole story! Mama dragon! (And I loved having horns on my head!)โ€

Noting that โ€œIt was my biggest cosplay, and my first armour cosplay,โ€ Claireโ€™s love for Alexstrasza truly shines through. Every delicate motion embodies the characterโ€™s beauty, but thereโ€™s a ferocity that represents that inner dragon.

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As you can imagine, however, this wasnโ€™t the easiest cosplay to build โ€“ especially as world restrictions were put in place.

โ€œI think I started it at the end of 2019 to tell youโ€ฆ I was very demotivated to see that it was not progressing or very little, and I was taking a hell of a long break! And global restrictions didnโ€™t help. As the conventions closed, I had no deadline and less motivation at the time.

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โ€œSeveral times I said to myself: never again a big and long costume, but as soon as I see impressive costumes on the other cosplayers I forget everything and canโ€™t wait to start again!โ€

Speaking of starting over again, her WoW cosplay journey has only just begun. โ€œIn the future, I would like to make the original version of Alexstrasza (I made the costume design of illustrator Zach Fischer), and why not Sylvanasโ€ฆ But team Alexstrasza forever!โ€

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Just as Alexstrasza breathes new life into Azeroth, she has inspired Claireโ€™s cosplay journey. As she continues to grow, we canโ€™t wait to watch her journey.

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