Overwatch and Diablo come together in demonic Brigitte cosplay

Lauren Bergin
Diablo Overwatch Demonic Brigitte Cosplay

Blizzard entertainment have released a host of amazing games, but Overwatch and Diablo stand out among the crowd. This player has combined both games to create an insane demon inspired Brigitte cosplay. 

It’s safe to say that Blizzard has dropped some of the gaming world’s most iconic titles. From World of Warcraft to Overwatch, the Blizzard universe is filled to the brim with a whole host of awesome characters that cosplayers are just dying to transform into.

The release of Shadowlands saw cosplayer Cinderys literally become Sylvanas Windrunner, and a recent genderbend by Zibartas showcased an insane animatronic based Mercy outfit. What we haven’t seen so far in 2021, is a crossover.

Well, we’re in luck! This cosplay sees a fusion of Diablo and Overwatch into one stunning idea: Demonic Brigitte.

Brigitte is a hero that you either love or hate, but this cosplay doesn’t leave much to dislike!

This demonic Brigitte cosplay is on fire

While Brigitte is seen as a virtual devil to a lot of Overwatch players, a cosplay by KamuiCosplay (inspired by artist Zach Fischer’s concept) has put a Diablo twist on the iconic Swedish hero.

Writing that the cosplay was “over 16 months of work” and contains “over 1000 LEDs and a buttload of foam,” this outfit really is one for the cosplay history books. It sees a ruby skinned Brigitte adorned in red and bronze armor that looks as though it could easily have been forged in the fires of hell itself.

There are a lot of Diablo style traits about this cosplay, seen in the somewhat regal feel her armor has, as well as in the iconic shield that takes up the majority of the portrait.

Featuring a recreation of the Diablo logo as the heart of the shield, the devil’s head has been masterfully recreated to look almost like a skull. The glowing body of the shield both channels hellfire and the neon glow of Brigitte’s futuristic mechanical shield, making it the perfect centrepiece to define this cosplay.

The cosplayer has also released a video breaking down this insane cosplay’s creation, and it shows just how much work goes into the creation of art like this.

Fans love this crossover cosplay

There’s nothing but love in the comments for this devilish Brigitte design, and fans of both titles have come together to praise this awesome amalgamation of the two franchises.

One fan writes that they’d been following Kamui’s creation from “the very beginning on Instagram. Now… I see the finished piece and I’m speechless.”

Another commenter was totally gobsmacked, writing “Wait ?!?! This is a cosplay?!?! Not a picture out of the game!!”

A final response points out the detail in the aforementioned shield, writing that “everything is amazing in this, but my eyes keep gravitating to the shield…”

It’s pretty clear that fans are obsessed with this insane crossover. All of the hard work that Kamui put into creating the outfit hasn’t gone unseen. We can’t wait to see if 2021 (or 2022 as it so happens) holds even more magic.

So rally to Kamui, she’s doing some crazy work bringing our favorite heroes to life.

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