WoW cosplayer channels Elune as breathtaking Tyrande Whisperwind

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Blizzard Entertainment, Instagram: kappy_w

World of Warcraft’s High Priestess of Elune and Night Elf warrior, Tyrande Whisperwind, has won over WoW players, and this stunning cosplay looks to do the same.

World of Warcraft’s ever-expanding universe is home to some of Blizzard’s most beloved characters. From the fearsome Sylvanas Windrunner to the nature queen Alexstrasza, Azeroth’s inhabitants have etched themselves into the hearts of WoW’s playerbase.

Tyrande Whisperwind has become one of the Alliance’s most famous faces. With the ability to channel Elune, the Night Elf Moon Goddess, her spectacular beauty is matched only by her ferocity.

Transforming herself into the cosmic queen is French cosplayer, Kappy Cosplay (Kappwal,) whose Tyrande cosplay will have you in awe.

wow world of warcraft tyrande whisperwind night elf
Blizzard Entertainment
Sure, she’s beautiful, but Tyrande packs quite the punch.

WoW Tyrande cosplay glows like the moon

It turns out that Blizzard commissioned Kappwal to bring two of their most iconic characters to life in the run-up to the Hearthstone Mercenaries event. “Actually Blizzard asked me to cosplay two characters for the launch of Hearthstone Mercenaries: Bru’Kan and Tyrande!”

So, while she didn’t exactly choose Elune’s warrior, the opportunity provided “the chance for me to cosplay from WoW! I love their designs so much!”

Despite being a body paint veteran, noting that “the techniques I used weren’t new to me,” the High Priestess’ armor proved quite the challenge. “Her costume has so many little details so it took me a lot of time! I spent three days and nights on it without any sleep, it was rough!”

The sleep deprivation was clearly worth it, though, as everything about Kappwal’s Tyrande is perfect. From the moonlight silver inlays on her midnight armor, to her crescent necklace; every detail is masterfully recreated. Ocean blue hair cascades down her shoulders, with those lengthy Night Elf brows framing ominous snowy eyes. She’s also purple, so there’s that, too.


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For those who have been bitten by the cosplay bug, she’s even uploaded a full tutorial for the look.


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Will we see Kappwal transform into the likes of Sylvanas or Jaina Proudmoore, though? “To be honest I don’t know,” she told Dexerto. “Despite loving their games, and especially their character designs, I haven’t played many Blizzard games. I prefer to cosplay as characters I know very well when cosplaying for myself!”

So while another Blizzard cosplay may not be top of her tier list, her spectacular anime and pop culture recreations are more than enough to leave you speechless. So, be sure to keep up to date with her cosplay adventures!

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