Sneaky sends sparks flying with electric Genshin Impact Keqing cosplay

Alan Bernal
genshin impact Keqing sneaky

Former Cloud9 League of Legends star Zach ‘Sneaky’ Scuderi showed off his interpretation of Keqing with an electrifying Genshin Impact cosplay.

During his time in the LCS, Sneaky was one of the most recognizable players in the league who was a tentpole of C9’s meme culture. After stepping away from pro play, he started ramping up his cosplays that have proven to be insanely popular with his fans.

We’ve seen him don incredible cosplays like K/DA’s Ahri and Evelynn as well as some of his favorite characters from other titles like Fate Grand Order.

Now the Genshin Impact craze has even swept up Sneaky. He cosplayed as one of the game’s strongest characters, Keqing, and it’s already getting a ton of fanfare.

genshin impact Keqing
With only one outfit to her name, Keqing’s style is familiar to the Genshin Impact community.

Sneaky’s Keqing shows off the character’s default appearance with the Piercing Thunderbolt outfit. The suit is riddled with details ripped straight from the game with multiple layers of intricate fabrics.

To give the costume a bit more flair, he even wrapped the wig into two bundles to emulate the character’s faux cat ears that she’s known for.

Like most of Sneaky’s gender-bending cosplays, this one is getting a ton of reactions from the community with FlyQuest contributing the time-honored tradition of commenting with “you’re so hot brother.”

C9’s former ADC has been enjoying his time off the Rift with every new cosplay that instantly lights up social media.

If Sneaky is a particular fan of Keqing, then he and many Genshin fans might be ecstatic to find out that a new outfit for her could be on the way. A Keqing skin leak showed off an upcoming design that may release in time for the 2.4 Lantern Rite event.

Though we still have to wait for the skin to release in Genshin Impact, it could make for another popular Sneaky cosplay if he decides to take that one on as well.

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