Sneaky charms League of Legends fans with stunning new K/DA Ahri cosplay

Sneaky KDA Ahri all out cosplayRiot Games

Ladies and gentlemen, Zach ‘Sneaky’ Scuderi has done it again. The former Cloud9 League of Legends star has wowed his fans with yet another stunning cosplay, this time with a take on K/DA Ahri in her ALL OUT outfit.

At this point, it’s just a matter of when, not if, we’re going to have our minds blown by yet another stunning ⁠— but confusing ⁠— Sneaky cosplay.

He’s done plenty of his former League of Legends favorites ⁠— from his signature Caitlyn, to K/DA Akali, and even the base K/DA Ahri.

Hell, he’s even just dressed up as a K/DA fan.

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However, his latest K/DA Ahri cosplay ⁠— using the nine-tailed fox’s ALL OUT costume ⁠— shows just how far he’s come in cosplaying over the last two years since retiring.

Once again being helped out by his partner Esther Lynn, Sneaky pulls off the Vastaya’s popstar look perfectly, with a flashy blue dress reflecting with all the colors of the rainbow.

KDA All Out Ahri in League of LegendsRiot Games
Ahri got a new “ALL OUT” design for her K/DA skins ahead of Worlds 2020 last year.

Not only that, but he’s fashioned himself a pair of fox ears, and a stunning light-up tail that shimmers in all of the photos, taken by long-time photographer SquareNoodles.

It can hardly be a Sneaky cosplay without the raucous reception it always gets. From the “you’re so hot brother” comments from Cloud9, to all the other reactions of his former teammates and rivals, Sneaky continues to blow everyone away with his transition into cosplaying.

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Who is next on Sneaky’s list?

Well, no one knows yet. However, you can bet the cosplay king of League of Legends is going to blow everyone away again with an intricate design rivaling even the most seasoned experts (which, after all this time, you’d have to consider Sneaky one too).