Genshin Impact Arlecchino leaks wow community with “badass” design

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot from the Genshin Impact trailer A Winter Night's Lazzo

Arlecchino is an upcoming 5-star Pyro unit in Genshin Impact who is also the fourth of the Fatui Harbingers. Her leaks have started to come out and players are in love with her design so far.

Arlecchino is one of the most hyped units in Genshin Impact. In fact, such is her hype that her drip marketing is one of the most-liked posts so far for any Genshin Impact character on Twitter. Additionally, several players believe that she will become the best-selling banner in the game by a huge margin.

As it happens, on March 13, 2024, leaks surrounding Arlecchino started to surface including her splash Art, animations, weapon design, boss design, and more. These leaks have spread around the community like wildfire and players are extremely happy with Arlecchino’s “badass” design.

Genshin Impact fans praise HoYoverse for Arlecchino’s design

The leaks surrounding Arlecchino appeared right after the beta for version 4.6 release on March 13. Leakers provided screenshots and videos of Arlecchino’s kit, gameplay, and other details. This has created a stir in the community and players can barely hold themselves anymore and the hype is surging through the roof.

One such player commented, “There is badass, then there is Arlecchino, genuine animation powercreep” as they were blown away by how well she looks. Another user chimed in, “I love the harbingers!!!!!”

One player also claimed, “The angel i want to see when i go to heaven.” Finally, one of the users mentioned, “Thoughts and prayers for the pyro archon cuz shes gonna have to attempt to beat ALLL THAT.”

Most of the player base claims that these are the best animations ever in any Genshin Impact character so far. They feel HoYoverse has outdone themselves this time and these are just the leaks. There is no doubt that the community is simply eager for patch 4.5 to pass and 4.6 to come by. However, players need to wait as there are still several weeks left before Arlecchino finally becomes playable on April 25, 2024.

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