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Everything we know about Heizou in Genshin Impact: Abilities, release date

Published: 28/Nov/2021 3:30 Updated: 28/Nov/2021 3:11

by Andrew Amos


Shikanoin Heizou is rumored to be coming to Genshin Impact. The Tenryou Commission “detective” has had an abundance of files datamined ahead of Genshin Impact update 2.4, giving players an idea of his release date, abilities, and background story.

While Heizou has been kicking around the Genshin Impact files for a while ⁠— dating back to Inazuma’s launch in update 2.0 ⁠— suspicions he could be arriving in an upcoming patch have only escalated.

With more characters getting voice lines relating to the Tenryou Commission officer, and some newly-datamined avatar data, all signs point towards a release just before Genshin Impact’s story moves on to the land of Dendro, Sumeru.


Here’s what we know about Heizou in Genshin Impact so far, including a rumored release date, abilities, and his story.

Sara release date Genshin
Heizou has close ties to Sara in Genshin Impact.


Heizou release date in Genshin Impact

No Heizou release date has been locked in for Genshin Impact yet. However, with more files being datamined as part of update 2.4, there’s suspicion he could arrive in a future patch before update 3.0.

If that’s the case, keep an eye out for any Heizou release news in early 2022.

Heizou abilities & element in Genshin Impact

Exact details on Heizou’s abilities, or his choice of element, aren’t yet known in Genshin Impact. Just because he helped Sara claim Itto’s vision in the Vision Hunt Decree doesn’t mean he’ll necessarily be Electro or Geo ⁠— but given he’s from Inazuma, Electro is a safe bet.


However, we have gotten a ‘glimpse’ of Heizou in Genshin Impact, somewhat. Datamines from the pre-release of update 2.4 has given Heizou the “teen” base model. While this doesn’t 100% confirm he will be a playable character, it’s a positive sign.

Heizou weapon in Genshin Impact

Much like with his abilities and element, not much is known about what weapon Heizou will use. However, with avatar data being added into the game, details about this should be on the way.

Heizou story in Genshin Impact

A fair bit is known about Heizou in Genshin Impact. Working in the Tenryou Commission alongside Kujou Sara, he is a self-proclaimed detective that spends most of his time on “personal schemes.”


While not specifically trained, he does deliver results in his investigations for the Tenryou Commission, which has gotten him off the hook. However, those outside the Tenryou usually look upon Heizou cautiously.

We will update you on the latest Heizou news in Genshin Impact as it drops.