Overwatch cosplayer shoots for a new high score with insane genderbend D.Va

Blizzard Entertainment, Twitter: omg_juni

Overwatch’s iconic Korean tank, D.Va, has become a favorite for cosplayers everywhere, but one artist has put an awesome new spin on the classic baby D.Va with this insane cosplay. 

Even if you’ve never played a game of Overwatch, you probably will recognize fan-favorite Korean idol, D.Va. From competitive to casual, she’s dominated the meta since her introduction to Blizzard’s flagship FPS.

Not only is she a popular pick in the virtual sphere, but in reality too. Cosplayers everywhere have tried their hand at bringing the character to life, with even the likes of pop sensation Halsey jumping on the bandwagon.

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Despite all of these amazing cosplays, though, we’ve never seen anything quite like this one from omg_juni, and we are loving it.

Overwatch D.VaBlizzard Entertainment
Korea’s esports star turned world saver, D.Va, is pretty popular in the Overwatch universe.

Overwatch fan creates D.Va cosplay with a twist

Just Juni has put his own spin on the Korean idol by creating an amazing genderbend cosplay that blends both baby D.Va and her MEKA into one.

Sporting baby pink armor and with a cobalt blue base, he’s perfectly fused D.Va’s staple jumpsuit with the mechanical plating of her mechanical comrade.

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That cheeky little bunny logo is right in the center of the breastplate, and he’s got those cheeky little cat-like whiskers to accurately transform his complexion into D.Va’s.

What makes this cosplay so perfect, though, is his attitude. With equal amounts of ‘don’t mess with me’ and cuteness, Juni has absolutely nailed her feisty but fun personality.

Juni opened up to Dexerto about his Overwatch cosplay career, noting that “I have been playing Overwatch since the day it came out and I have been genderbending Overwatch characters for the longest time.”

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This cosplay, though, has been his “most comfortable one to wear, since it is a bodysuit and I built everything on top of it. I made everything in paper and everything is foam!”

Additionally, he shared some behind-the-scenes images of the cosplay coming together and urges fans who want to learn more about the cosplay process to give his Instagram tutorials a follow.

Overwatch D.VA genderbendTwitter: omg_juni
As Juno said, the base design was made mainly out of paper.
Overwatch D.VA genderbend cosplayTwitter: omg_juni
From here all it took as a lot of pink foam to bring D.Va to life!

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? As Juni continues to transform hyper-feminine characters into amazing genderbends, we can’t wait to see who he does next – Sombra maybe?

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