Halsey melts Overwatch fans’ hearts with adorable D.Va cosplay

Instagram: @iamhalsey / Blizzard Entertainment

Ashley Frangipane, better known as pop singer Halsey, shared the cutest take on the Overwatch tank hero D.Va that you’ll ever see. It’s so accurate, it looks as though she’s jumped straight out of the TV screen.

D.Va is no doubt one of the first-person shooter’s most popular characters – in both the game and with cosplayers. Searching for Overwatch cosplays, it’s rare that you don’t see at least 50% of them dedicated to the pint-sized Korean.

When you think of the typical OW fan, the last person you’d think of is Halsey, but she’s proven she’s a dedicated gamer by sharing the most perfect take on the tank character that you’ll probably ever see – it’s so good!

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Halsey’s Overwatch D.Va cosplay

The pop star uploaded a set of four photos to Twitter with the caption “Another day another play,” in which she posed as the popular hero in a D.Va-themed bikini – because why not catch some sun while dressed up as your favorite video game character?

Complete with the heroine’s famous headset and brown hair with bangs, the American completely nailed the look. She even included the pink face paint, as well as the iconic bunny logo featured on her swim top.

One of the tank’s most recognized poses is when she throws up a peace sign with her hand during her ‘Selfie’ highlight intro. The 25-year-old replicated this perfectly in her shots, which really captures the carefree spirit of the hero perfectly.

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Overwatch pro player and Los Angeles Valiant off-tank Caleb ‘McGravy’ McGarvey responded to the photos with some hilarious ones of his own, striking the same poses as her in a D.Va body suit.

This caught the singer’s attention, and she quote-tweeted it, adding a simple “king” and crown emoji in approval.

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While this is the first time Halsey has shared her love for Overwatch publicly, she has previously spoken about how she grew up playing video games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and how it helped her to create her music.

“In a video game, you have two options, you have a quick battle or you can play campaign. A quick battle is like listening to the single,” she said in an interview with Vulture in 2017. “Playing campaign is getting the whole story, the lore, why the characters are there, what’s motivating them.”