League of Legends cosplayer goes viral on TikTok as dazzling K/DA Ahri

League of Legends cosplayer goes viral on TikTok as dazzling K/DA AhriInstagram: @snitchery / Riot Games

Snitchery, an immensely popular cosplayer with almost 2 million followers, left League of Legends fans speechless with an incredible take on K/DA Ahri, and it’s gone viral on TikTok.

League of Legends cosplayers never fail to impress. We’ve seen them bring many champions to life throughout 2021, including Diana, Lux, Xayah, and more. However, four K/DA members have been the most popular.

Akali, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa get lots of love. However, Ahri, the leader and founder of the virtual K-pop–group, is the most in-demand.

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It was only a matter of time before Snitchery, a popular figure in the cosplay scene, decided to give it a go, and it was a smash hit among fans and followers. The fact it even went viral on TikTok speaks volumes.

Animated K/DA popstar Ahri is voiced by (G)I-dle star Miyeon for the smash hit "POP/STARS".Riot Games
Ahri is the leader and founder of K/DA.

The video shows her transforming from her usual look into K/DA Ahri. Not only did she do a good job of creativity capturing the process of slowly turning into the character, but she also nailed the costume, ears, hair, and make-up.

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It’s blowing up on the platform, drawing almost 50,000 likes and 200 comments in less than two weeks. But it’s not all that surprising given her track record of top-tier cosplays. After all, Snitchery is an expert in the field.

Snitchery made waves in January 2021 after signing with Gen.G, an esports organization that competes in League of Legends, Overwatch, Valorant, and more, along with another talented cosplayer, Emily Ghoul.

Since then, her massive following across all social platforms has grown even more. It seems like people can’t get enough of her amazing cosplays, ourselves included. We look forward to seeing what she’s got in store next!

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