League of Legends cosplayer takes center-stage as punky K/DA Akali

Alex Tsiaoussidis
League of Legends Akali K/DA Cosplay
Riot Games / Instagram: @wanderlustluca

League of Legends cosplayers love dressing up as their favorite K/DA members, but it’s hard to find one better than Wanderlustluca’s take on Akali, which went viral on social media.

Akali is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends, and for a good reason. She’s swift, deadly, and an all-around perfect assassin, which is no surprise given her title Fist of Shadow.

However, she’s not all about bloodlust on the battlefield. Akali is also a member of the immensely popular virtual K-pop-inspired group, K/DA, along with Ahri, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa. But even though they all share the spotlight, she’s the only one who can rap.

K/DA is taking over in League of Legends patch 10.22.
Riot Games
Akali’s K/DA look has a cyberpunk vibe with an interesting blend of neon colors.

Wanderlustluca, a well-known cosplayer from the Netherlands, decided to transform herself into K/DA Akali for her latest piece. And, well, she just about broke the internet when she uploaded the pictures.

She posted the first one on Instagram. “I was very excited to post this because I love how these turned out,” she wrote. I always feel so comfy as Akali. She fits my personality, I guess. I can’t wait to share more.”


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Her initial post has already pulled a whopping 19,000 likes, which is insane. However, that was only the beginning. She posted another set of pictures four days later, which included full-body shots that showcased the amazing cosplay from top to bottom.

It performed even better than the first set, with more than 20,000 likes and 350 comments. Fans couldn’t get enough of the sparkly neon blue jacket, crop-top, and belt combined with the black tights. It looked like the real deal.


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If that wasn’t enough, the pictures also popped off in a thread on the official League of Legends subreddit with 7,000 likes and almost 500 comments.

People described the cosplay as “amazing,” though a few complained about the potential use of photoshop.

Either way, it doesn’t take away from the fact Wanderlustluca did an excellent job with the piece, and the overwhelming amount of praise and support is warranted.