League of Legends cosplayer fights back Ruination as stunning Sentinel Diana

Anaelic LoL Sentinel Diana cosplayRiot Games / Instagram: anaelic_

The Sentinels of Light are joining the fight against the Ruination in League of Legends as Viego tries to bring an end to Runeterra. One cosplayer, Anaelic, has suited up as her favorite champion in Sentinel Diana, and it’s blown everyone away.

The in-game lore event for League of Legends centered around the Sentinels of Light has put together a rag-tag group of heroes across Runeterra to try and fight back against Viego’s Ruination.

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Sentinel Diana is one you recruit after travelling through her home region of Targon, getting a transformation into the white, gold, and teal outfits of the Sentinels from her usual grey garment.

Scottish cosplayer Anaelic has taken it to the next level though, bringing her favorite champion to real life ⁠— and getting the Riot tick of approval along the way.

“Diana is my favourite league champ, and to be asked to cosplay her by Riot themselves is literally a dream come true! I’ve cosplayed her twice before and I screamed when I saw her new skin a few weeks ago,” she said on Twitter.

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Anaelic made the entire outfit, head to toe, from scratch. She made the bodysuit from scratch with a mix of fabrics, and even 3D printed parts of her skirt, giving it an extra dimension and that extra special touch.

With all the dazzling weaponry and extras though, she admitted that making the gloves was one of her favorite parts ⁠— a simple touch, but oh so brilliant.

Anaelic shared some live shots on her photo shoot, going through all of the Aspect’s triumphant poses. Swinging around her Khepesh-style sickle, she certainly looked the part as the smoke bombs whispered through the air.

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On top of that, she managed to knock out this mind-blowing cosplay in just five weeks.

After all, it helps that Anaelic is so passionate about her favorite champion and had a bit of experience in cosplaying Diana not once before but twice ⁠— in her Dark Valkyrie skin back in 2016 as well as Dragonslayer in 2020.

She shared comparison images of the three cosplays, and said that while the Sentinel cosplay is “definitely constructed a lot better”, her Dark Valkyrie cosplay holds a special place in her heart as being her first major project with a hand-made worbla (plastic model) weapon.

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What’s next for Anaelic? She’s got a few projects on the horizon, but with moving house, they might realistically be some time. However, fans will definitely be waiting patiently for yet another stunning design ⁠— LoL-inspired or otherwise.

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