League of Legends cosplayer looks razor-sharp as Star Guardian Xayah

Star Guardian Xayah League of Legends cosplayRiot Games / Instagram: @paiclyacosplay

German cosplayer Paiclya showed the world her mind-blowing transformation into Star Guardian Xayah from League of Legends at DreamHack, and it was so good, it left fans speechless.

League of Legends has an enormous pool of champions with different skins, making it easy for cosplayers who love the game to take on multiple projects and challenges, especially ones involving their favorite champions.

Kindred and Soraka have proven to be popular choices, along with K/DA members Ahri, Akali  Evelynn, Kai’Sa.

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However, sometimes less common cosplays stand out the most, particularly when they’re done as well as Paiclya’s take on Star Guardian Xayah.

Riot Games
Xayah fights alongside her partner and lover, Rakan

Paiclya is a multi-talented streamer and cosplayer from Leipzig, Germany. You can find a link to all of her social media accounts here. She was kind enough to tell Dexerto a little bit about what motivated her to do this piece.

“I always liked the Star Guardian skins,” she said. “They gave Xayah a twist with the dark side of a Star Guardian, which I think was really nice.”

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However, it presented some challenges that she had to overcome. “The most challenging thing was the wig,” she explained. “Xayah’s ears are pretty big, and it was hard to attach them to the wig.”

Fortunately, Paiclya found a way to make it work. The cosplay ended up looking flawless from head to toe, and the amazing camera work from Shattered Light Photography helped make it even better.


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Paiclya’s made quite a name of herself in the cosplay scene. She’s done everything from Pokemon’s Glaceon to League of Legends’ Evelynn, My Hero Academia’s Himiko Toga, and more. And the best part is, they’re all incredible.

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If you want to check them out or stay up with her upcoming projects, don’t forget to follow her on social media!

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