Avatar The Last Airbender cosplayer shines like the moon as Princess Yue

Isaac McIntyre
Cosplayer Sanet appears in Princess Yue cosplay from Avatar The Last Airbender.
Instagram: Sanet.cosplay / Nickelodeon

An Avatar The Last Airbender cosplayer has channeled her Moon Spirit powers to create a stunning princess Yue cosplay, complete with the waterbending powers given to the Northern tribe princess after her sacrifice in Book 1’s finale.

The Last Airbender is one of the most popular animated series, and so we often see plenty of Avatar cosplays. Main characters like Katara, Azula, and sequel hero Korra are the regular picks, but Instagram cosplayer Sanet has broken the mold.

The Ethiopian cosplayer, who has wowed fans as Katara and Kakeguri’s Yumeko Jabami in the past, has unveiled her take on Northern Water Tribe princess Yue, who plays a major role in the show’s iconic ⁠— and heartbreaking ⁠— Book 1 finale.

Yue is the northern tribe’s future chieftain, and becomes friends with Team Avatar. She even falls in love with Sokka, and the two sneak away for rides on Appa and secret meetings.

In the battle at the Spirit Oasis, however, Yue sacrifices herself to save the Water Spirit. She then “becomes the moon,” as Sokka so succinctly puts it later in the series. After her sacrifice, she watches over Team Avatar on their journey.

yue sokka avatar
Sokka and Princess Yue fall in love after Team Avatar arrives in the Northern Water Tribe.

Avatar cosplayer shines as Princess Yue

Sanet’s cosplay of the Water Tribe princess is stunning. She captures all the regal aspects of the future Moon Spirit, with her shining white braids and ornamental hairstyle a standout part of the outfit Sanet posted on Instagram late last month.

The Yue cosplay also includes three blue jewelry pieces, which keeps Sanet’s huge headpiece in place. She rounded this out with a fluffy coat, which Yue wears in the Northern Tribes to keep herself warm ⁠— it’s cold up there!

Finally, Sanet added a light ring to one of her shots to light up the Yue cosplay. This was to capture the moment the water princess made her sacrifice, and took up the Moon Spirit mantle, a defining moment for the water princess.

Sanet’s stunning cosplay isn’t the last we’ve seen of her as Yue either. The Instagram model promised she would be unveiling more parts to the costume in the near future, once she was done designing the water princess’ full spirit dress.

“This is simply a cos-test,” she explained. “I’m planning on making her moon spirit dress in the future! [This one] was a new and tedious process, but it all worked!”

So, keep your eyes peeled for more Avatar cosplays from Sanet soon, because they’re on their way! While you wait, you can check out more too; just last week, a new Katara cosplay rocked the internet, and there’s plenty more too!