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Kakegurui cosplayer hits the jackpot as stunning Yumeko Jabami

Published: 5/Jun/2020 21:25

by Theo Salaun


Yumeko Jabami is the main character of popular anime series ‘Kakegurui,’ and cosplaying pro ‘Sanet Cosplay’ has gone all-in to bring the compulsive gambler to life.

In Kakegurui, Yumeko Jabami flips the tables of Hyakkaou Private Academy by outplaying the school’s prestigious, oft-cruel students in the gambling circuit that determines their unrepentant caste system. 

In the real world, Sanet has flipped the script on the Kakegurui cosplay community by revamping her Yumeko look and adding a slew of props to complement the sophisticated aesthetic offered by her spot-on outfit, colored contact lenses and true-to-the-anime makeup. 

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Yumeko transfers to Hyakkaou and immediately makes an impact on the school’s shady scene. As beautiful as she is crafty, the schoolgirl brings big money and bigger intuitiveness to the table—shaking up the system manipulated by a high-class student body to win money and, when debts go too far, slaves. 


But far from an easily turned “doggy” or “kitty” (as the school’s gambling circuit dubs its male and female slaves, respectively), Yumeko is a talented, unfazed gambler. Sanet’s cosplay perfectly embodies that, with piercing red eyes, a poised demeanor and a slew of playing cards surrounding her—much like the consequential games surrounding the manga-turned-show’s school.

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Sanet’s earlier caption for this look included one of Yumeko’s more emotive quotes: “Doubt, anger, despair. You must feel as if you could scream, am I right?” But she also took a moment to appreciate her fans for being “absolute simps for Yumeko Jabami.”


Given the current movement for human rights, she shifted tone in her most recent caption for the look—noting that she is “trying to stay positive and keep cosplaying, because it’s something that truly makes me happy.”

While it’s vital to amplify and support the movement, it’s also important to take the time for self-care so that people don’t get burnt out. 

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Sanet Cosplay / MAPPA
Yumeko loves gambling and her eyes glow bright red once she gets into the flow of things.

With Sanet’s commitment to the important issues spanning her sharing important resources and providing a platform for other Black cosplayers, it’s vital that she is also taking the time to continue doing things that make her happy, too.


And fans of Kakegurui or cosplay will absolutely not complain if one of those things just happens to be recreating Yumeko to perfection.