Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplayer waterbends as real life Katara

Brent Koepp
avatar katara cosplayNickelodeon / Instagram: @tytalis

An Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplayer went viral on Instagram after sharing a mind-blowing transformation into Katara. The artist’s perfect recreation of the waterbender will leave fans of the Nickelodeon animation in awe. 

Despite airing in 2005, The Last Airbender has seen a major revival in popularity in 2020 after Netflix added it to its service. Viewers around the world fell in love with its story about a monk named Aang who can control the elements of water, earth, air, and fire.

One of the series’ most beloved characters is the fierce waterbender Katara. A cosplayer celebrated the heroine with an insanely accurate costume. The artist’s perfect recreation truly brings the animation to life.

katara in avatar the last airbenderNickelodeon / Netflix
The fierce waterbender is one of the main characters in the hit 2005 animation.

Avatar cosplayer becomes Katara

The groundbreaking animation opens with siblings Katara and Sokka discovering the Avatar trapped in an iceberg. After rescuing Aang, the pair set off on a journey with him to bring balance to the world.

Bringing the beloved waterbender to life, cosplayer Liezl ‘tyalis’ transformed into the character with her detailed recreation. In a picture posted on Instagram, the artist posed in her iconic blue and white southern Water Tribe attire.

Liezel nailed Katara’s look, perfectly mirroring her braided brown hair and signature “hair loopies.” She even included the heroine’s betrothal choker necklace, which she got from her grandma.


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Throughout the series, the character develops into a master at her element, and even becomes Avatar Aang’s teacher. Recreating a scene from the show, tytalis faithfully mirrored Katara’s waterbending stance as she readies to strike down her foes. 


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The cosplayer even created a side-by-side post, showing off her costume next to a screenshot of the show. This is easily one of the best takes we’ve seen of the waterbender – it’s almost as if she’s jumped out of the screen.


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Avatar celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2020, and has seen a massive resurgence in popularity after being re-released in HD at the beginning of the year.

Those interested in the animated series can watch it right now on Netflix. The streaming service also has The Last Airbender’s sequel, The Legend of Korra, in its entirety.