XclusiveAce explains why he won’t buy MW2 Season Two Battle Pass for “first time ever”

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Call of Duty YouTuber TheXclusiveAce has explained why he won’t be purchasing Modern Warfare 2’s Season Two battle pass, saying he’s simply “not happy” with the content being offered. 

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 are rapidly approaching their second season of post-launch content, with all the details now revealed. 

While there’s plenty for Warzone players to look forward to – most notably the new Ashika Island Resurgence environment – a lot of MW2 players have expressed feeling short-changed

They claim WZ2 is getting more love from the developers than the $70 annual installment. 

Now, XclusiveAce has shared why he won’t be getting the Season 2 Battle Pass for Modern Warfare 2. 

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XclusiveAce criticizes MW2’s “level of service” ahead of Season Two

In a February 8 tweet – following on from the reveal of the official Season 2 roadmap – the immensely popular statistician and creator explained that the poor “level of service” will stop him from buying the new season’s Battle Pass. 

“As someone that’s only interested in the paid portion of MWII, I’ve decided for the first time ever, I won’t be buying the Battle Pass,” he explained. “This may hurt my ability to get Gun Guides out fast but BPs are designed to support games as a service & I’m not happy with this level of service.”

When asked whether it was about plowing more COD Points into the game, Ace responded that it wasn’t, but was about the “principle”. 

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He also said he doesn’t believe there’s a reason to grind traditional 6v6 multiplayer matches outside of weapon camo challenges. 

Whether he changes his tune is another matter but, for now, the hugely popular creator won’t be purchasing the Battle Pass, even if it hurts his ability to produce YouTube content. 

Barring any more delays, Season Two of Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 will drop on February 15.