Will there be a Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 7? Season 6 end date, Vanguard launch, more

Warzone Season 6 characters with logoActivision

Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 6 kicked off on October 6, bringing a plethora of new content to both titles. It’s got players turning their attention to next season though, with the release of Vanguard confusing things somewhat. Here, we’re delving into what fans can expect going forward. 

Warzone’s crossovers with Call of Duty’s annual titles signalled a major first for the franchise – the conflation of different developers’ work in the same place.

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We saw Black Ops Cold War’s content merge with Warzone in December 2020, with Vanguard’s following suit in October 2021.

Across Cold War’s life-cycle its seasons have matched up with Warzone’s, with both games seeing Season 6 drop on October 6. However, with Vanguard’s release coming on November 5 and fast approaching, fans want to know what it means for BOCW and WZ.

warzone vanguard integrationActivision
Vanguard’s launch represents the new chapter in Warzone’s history.

Warzone Season 7? Vanguard launch, crossover and new map

We’ll start with Warzone. It seems unlikely there’ll be a Warzone Season 7. What seems more likely is that Warzone will restart with a Season 1 that matches up with Vanguard’s first season.

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It’s worth bearing in mind that Vanguard’s launch (and crossover with Warzone) will bring a new anti-cheat system called RICOCHET and a new Pacific map to replace Verdansk.

We saw Warzone get a number of seasons alongside Modern Warfare, before returning to Season 1 to match Black Ops Cold War.

When Vanguard drops, then, players can expect a major update to bring all the WWII content, map and anti-cheat to Warzone, and then look forward to seasonal content in the fashion we’ve seen for the past year and a half.

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Vanguard solider CoDActivision
Vanguard will bring big changes to Warzone.

Black Ops Cold War Season 7

Similar to Warzone, a BOCW Season 7 seems very unlikely. However, while Warzone will certainly receive new content alongside Vanguard, the natural cycle of CoD games suggests we won’t get another season of multiplayer content for BOCW.

The Season 6 Battle Pass is set to expire at the beginning of December, by which point Vanguard will have been out roughly one month. It seems seriously unlikely that a new season will come at that point.

Black Ops Cold War patch notes released ahead of October 7 update.Treyarch
Season 6 looks set to be BOCW’s last full season of content.

It’s not all bad for Cold War fans though, as there could yet be content added after Season 6. Modern Warfare has received some updates and new content from Infinity Ward during Black Ops Cold War’s life-cycle, it has just been fairly sporadic and limited.

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This will probably follow for Black Ops Cold War, with the majority of Treyarch’s attention turning to their next CoD instalment, probably for 2023.

Zombies will also be a mode in Vanguard, so we can expect Cold War’s Zombies content to slow down too.

We will update this article as more becomes clear, but there’s still plenty to be excited about for all Call of Duty fans.