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When does CoD Mobile Season 2 start? Season 1 New Order end date

Published: 27/Jan/2021 5:59

by Brad Norton


Call of Duty Mobile’s reset back to Season 1 brought with it a ton of new content, though players are already looking ahead to what’s next. Here’s when we can expect the Season 2 update to arrive.

CoD Mobile is now effectively through to its 14th seasonal update but with new content coming through each and every month, the devs decided it was time to refresh. We’re now back to Season 1 with the current New Order patch and Season 2 is set to follow close behind.


2020 set the pace with fresh content arriving each and every month. Assuming the handheld title continues this trend, Season 2 can’t be all too far off.

From when we can expect the next major update to what additional maps, modes, and events it might bring, here’s everything we know.


When does CoD Mobile Season 1 end?

CoD Mobile Season 1 gameplay
CoD Mobile’s current Season is set to last longer than usual.

Season 1 of CoD Mobile officially kicked off on January 26. It introduced all-new modes, an original map in Reclaim, and of course, new weapons and characters to boot. 

Outside of the fresh content also came a brand new Battle Pass with tons of cosmetics up for grabs. It’s thanks to this Battle Pass that we know when Season 2 will arrive in CoD Mobile.


At the very top of the Battle Pass tab, we have a countdown until all of the current seasonal content disappears forever. Season 1 launched with a 43-day timer, meaning that the New Order patch will come to an end on Wednesday, March 10.

CoD Mobile Battle Pass
The Season 1 Battle Pass comes to an end just before Season 2 arrives.

This is a noticeably longer stretch of time compared to recent seasons, however, the same rollover will still be in effect. The next season will be going live shortly after New Order comes to a close. Meaning we can pin the Season 2 start date to roughly March 11, assuming no delays come through.


What will the CoD Mobile Season 2 theme be?

CoD Mobile Rust
We’ve seem some truly unique themes in the past. Who knows where Season 2 will take us.

A theme for the second Season of 2021 isn’t yet set in stone. The Season 1 theme is all about jumping forward in time with hackers setting the tone. It’s safe to assume Season 2 will be a distinct jump from the current theme.

We’ve seen major battles between warring factions, Seasons based around covert operations, and even a Western theme. Nothing is ever off-limits when it comes to CoD Mobile so Season 2 could be our most outlandish update yet. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the first teasers come through.


What new content will come with CoD Mobile Season 2?

Modern Warfare Shoot House gameplay
Modern Warfare’s Shoot House is a safe bet for CoD Mobile Season 2.

No official maps, modes, or cosmetics have yet been locked in for Season 2. However, thanks to an early Beta test in China, we do have some information to go off.

Testers have been able to go hands-on with a mobile rendition of Modern Warfare’s Shoot House map. While critical bugs could hold it back for quite some time, it’s a safe bet to assume we’ll see this popular map in Season 2. 

Beyond that, the usual batch of new weapons, modes, and appropriately themed cosmetics are all to be expected as well.