Modern Warfare’s Shipment coming to CoD Mobile as Season 2 map

Brad Norton
Modern Warfare Shipment gameplay

Call of Duty Mobile is getting yet another classic map from the Modern Warfare series as Shipment is on its way to the handheld shooter.

With CoD Mobile’s first revamped season starting to wind down, Season 2 is shaping up to be one of the biggest yet. Typically, these monthly updates bring huge content drops to the FPS experience and this time around is no different.

We’ve already been looped in on two new weapons coming to CoD Mobile, along with a ported map from 2019’s Modern Warfare. Now, another familiar battleground is joining the mix as Shipment arrives in the near future.

While original leaks revealed the mobile map in July 2020, the Modern Warfare classic is finally locked in with a solid release window in Season 2.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the franchise or a veteran player, it’s likely you’ve loaded into a game on Shipment before. Having first launched in 2007’s Modern Warfare, it quickly became one of the more popular picks in the title, eventually leading to a remake in 2019’s game of the same name.

It’s one of the smallest designs in franchise history, as players spawn in mere seconds apart. The layout is simple to understand with essentially no elevation. You’ll be in and out of combat within seconds and matches typically end faster than usual.

The original version of Shipment was set in a gloomy mountainscape while the 2019 remake moved to a more industrial setting. CoD Mobile’s port takes from the more recent iteration, mirroring the brighter visuals and multi-colored shipping containers.

Being one of the smallest maps available, there’s a chance Shipment sticks to smaller game modes in CoD Mobile as a result. Though if 2019’s remake proved anything, players love big team battles on the classic map. Be prepared for absolute chaos if full squads are able to drop into this mobile port together.

Modern Warfare Shipment gameplay
CoD Mobile’s version of shipment takes from the 2019 remake in Modern Warfare.

An exact release date isn’t set in stone just yet, however. With tons of content on the horizon for Season 2, there’s a chance most of it drops on day one. Though Shipment could always be held for a midseason update.

Season 1 is set to end on Wednesday, March 10. Therefore, it won’t be a long wait until we see Shipment in CoD Mobile.