CoD Mobile leak confirms another Modern Warfare map is secretly on its way

. 1 year ago
CoD Modern Warfare Shoot House gameplay

Leaked Call of Duty Mobile gameplay from a Beta testing server in China has revealed that popular Modern Warfare map Shoot House is on its way to the handheld experience in the near future.

CoD Mobile’s list of iconic maps continues to expand with each new update. The game already features a mix of locations from Black Ops titles along with the Modern Warfare series. Now, another battleground from the 2019 release is in the pipeline.

Shoot House was introduced in November 2019 with one of the game’s first free updates. It’s since gone on to become one of the more popular maps in the Infinity Ward title. The Shoot House 24/7 playlist is among the most requested to this day as is Shoot the Ship which features a mix of Shoot House and Shipment.

Just over a year since its first release, Shoot House is already getting its first remake, with the map currently available in a Chinese CoD Mobile Beta test.

Players have been able to go hands-on with the map well ahead of any global communication from the developers. Domination is already in the mix and every element of the map’s design appears to have remained intact.

Shoot House became a popular pick in Modern Warfare’s rotation due to its fast-paced gameplay. Similar in scope to the likes of Nuketown, it’s a smaller map with plenty of flanking opportunities.

SMGs and Shotguns reign supreme due to just how close you are to the opposition at all times. As soon as the map becomes available, you’ll definitely want to have a class set up for running and gunning.

For now, the mobile version of the map is purely in Beta. That means that any final kinks are being worked out thanks to help from the community.

Call of Duty gameplay on Shoot House
Shoot House was one of the first DLC maps added to Modern Warfare following its 2019 release.

Meanwhile, all eyes are currently on the incoming Season 1 update, which also happens to feature a new map. As a result, it’s likely that Shoot House is still a ways off from a global release in CoD Mobile.

This mobile remake of the location did seem finalized, however. So assuming no game-breaking bugs appear throughout the Chinese Beta, Shoot House could be a lock for CoD Mobile’s Season 2 update down the line.

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