Leaked CoD Mobile game mode brings Among Us to Call of Duty

Among Us next to CoD MobileInnersloth / Activision

New Call of Duty: Mobile footage from the Chinese version of the game has revealed an Among Us-style mode coming soon to the Call of Duty franchise.

Among Us took the gaming industry by storm in 2020 and now, Call of Duty is looking to replicate that success with a nearly identical game mode coming to CoD Mobile.

Early footage from the Chinese version of the popular handheld title has showcased the new ‘Werewolf’ playlist in action. 12 players load into the match at the very centre of Meltdown. After a brief countdown, everyone is free to spread out and gather resources.

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From weapons to materials, these resources come in handy for a number of reasons. Not only will they help you take down other targets, but you’ll also need them to complete tasks.

Before long, players converge at the spawn point to discuss the round.

Call of Duty gameplay on MeltdownActivision
Meltdown is the first map in focus for CoD Mobile’s new Among Us-style mode.

In exactly the same way as Among Us, players have a brief window to argue their case. Whether you’re trying to prove your innocence or get another player in a sticky situation, you’ll have just a few seconds to talk inbetween rounds in this new CoD Mobile mode.

At the end of the discussion, all players are given the opportunity to vote. If enough votes are cast towards a single person, they’ll be removed from the lobby. Otherwise, rounds will continue until a clear winner is determined.

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Throughout the action-phase of each round, players can explore the entire map. Scattered throughout are weapons, items, and materials. You’ll need these materials to complete CoD Mobile’s version of Among Us-style minigames.

These are extremely simple tasks that appear on the minimap. Simply walking to the right location and interacting with an objective will clear each task.

Weapons range from pistols with just five rounds to powerful shotguns with just one shell. Melee weapons are also in the mix, though you’ll need to get up close, potentially revealing yourself in the process.

For the time being, this Among Us clone is limited to the Chinese version of CoD Mobile. However, the global release typically gets the same content a few months later. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information comes to light.

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