CoD Mobile devs confirm classic Nuketown will return in the future

Classic Nuketown map with the CoD Mobile logoActivision

The Call of Duty Mobile devs have teased a return for the classic Nuketown map as some fans have had enough of the new, winter-themed version. 

Call of Duty Mobile has become incredibly popular with longtime CoD fans because of how it takes fan-favorite features from classic releases and puts them all into one melting pot.

The game isn’t just a nostalgia-fest, though. The developers have worked on adding some unique features, map, and other things, so that parts of it feel fresh and new too.

Though, some fans just can’t get away from playing their favorite maps. And that includes the classic Nuketown map, which has made way for a winter version in the last few updates.

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Nuketown Russia in CoD MobileActivision
Nuketown Russia, or Nuketown Winter, has been in CoD Mobile since December.

When will classic Nuketown return in CoD Mobile?

With the darker, winter months arriving in the real world, a wintery Nuketown map was added to CoD Mobile, and has struck around beyond January and the first update of 2021.

During their February 12 Community Update, where the devs went over a few upcoming changes, and addressed the possibility of a Prestige mode, they were also quizzed whether or not the normal Nuketown will return soon.

“Yeah, we’ll likely have that map returning in the future and especially as we move further and further away from the Winter seasons,” they said. “We had Classic Nuketown there for more than a year, so we don’t mind giving Nuketown Russia some time to breathe on its own too.”

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CoD Mobile devs message on Reddit about NuketownScreenshot via Reddit
The devs answered questions about normal Nuketown on Reddit.

Nuketown Russia has only been around since mid-December, so a few more weeks of it being in the rotation seems plausible.

The devs might have new themes for the upcoming CoD Mobile seasons where the snow and bitter cold of a winter Nuketown doesn’t fit, and it makes sense to rotate the classic Nuketown back in at that point.

Though, we’ll just have to wait and see as to when that will be.