CoD Mobile adding brand-new sniper in Season 2 along with AS Val

Julian Young
CoD Mobile Season 2 Characters Gunfight

Another weapon from Modern Warfare 2019 will now be joining the already announced AS Val in CoD Mobile Season 2. The SP-R208 — or R700 for MW4 veterans — has been announced for the game’s next content drop.

Season 1 of CoD Mobile continues to wind down, and Season 2 is scheduled to kick off on March 11. Activision and TiMi Studios have been building up the hype for next season via several teasers for new maps and weapons coming to the game in Season 2.

On February 21, the CoD Mobile Twitter account revealed the AS Val from Modern Warfare 2019 would be added next season. Now, another weapon from the 2019 title has been confirmed for CoD Mobile Season 2: the SP-R208 Marksman Rifle.

CoD Mobile SP-R208 R700 Season 2 Teaser
The SP-R208 is the second weapon from Modern Warfare coming to CoD Mobile in Season 2, joining the AS Val.

On February 28, the CoD Mobile Twitter account shared another Season 2 teaser, similar to their earlier tweet about the AS Val. “Another new weapon is coming [in Season 2] and you might recognize it… can you guess what it is?” the account teased.

The tweet was quickly flooded with comments identifying the new weapon as the SP-R208 from Modern Warfare 2019 — although some fans also paid homage to the gun’s original iteration: the R700 bolt-action sniper rifle from Modern Warfare 4.

Similar to the AS Val teaser, the tweet confirmed the SP-R208 will be coming to CoD Mobile next season. With Season 2 quickly approaching, fans won’t need to wait much longer to get their hands on the mobile version of the weapon and try it out themselves.

When it was originally released for Modern Warfare and Warzone in Season 6, the SP-R established itself as a solid weapon, and found its way into the loadouts of many streamers and competitive players.

Although the marksman rifle has seen a decline in usage due to the strength of other Warzone weapons (like the Kar98k sniper rifle), many players still maintain an SP-R loadout due to its versatility when it comes to both long and medium-range engagements.

The release date for CoD Mobile Season 2 has yet to be officially confirmed by Activision and TiMi, but with Season 1 wrapping up on March 10 fans can probably expect Season 2 to kick off immediately after. We’ll keep you updated on any new reveals before Season 2’s official launch.

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